Seamus O’Regan In Self-Isolation, Awaiting Coronavirus Test Results

Says he feels fine.

Minister of Natural Resources Seamus O’Regan has put himself into self-isolation, following what he calls a “persistent head cold.”

O’Regan is now awaiting Coronavirus test results.

Here’s what O’Regan said on Twitter:

“I’ve had a persistent head cold for a few days so, as a precaution, I saw a doctor.

They recommended a test for COVID-19. I’m not aware of contacting anyone infected, but was told to remain in self-isolation until we get the results.

Feel fine. But I’ll work from home.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Diane DiFlorio

As an MIT PhD in Biological Engineering who studies & does research on the Immune System, #coronavirus fear mongering by the Deep State will go down in history as 1 of the biggest fraud to manipulate economies, suppress dissent, & push MANDATED Medicine!


how convenient …when will the PC ministers start self isolating…seems like it is the least the liberals could do hahahahahah


Interesting that he is still waiting for result but poof Madam Trudeau had her results in record time to test positive. Hmmmmm