The Spencer Fernando Podcast

You can Listen to the first episode now!

For quite a while, people have been asking when I would start up a podcast.

Well, that time is now.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts and views on what’s happening in Canada and the world, and your feedback and suggestions are greatly welcomed!

You can listen to the first episode below:

Spencer Fernando

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Guy-Paul Roy

Very good.

Douglas Robilliard

Great first Pod cast Spencer, I and my partner Kerri follow your news and reporting daily. I have watched you on other cast with fellow media outlets and again your very well spoken and respected.
I will be eagerly waiting for you next cast….Doug on Vancouver Island.

Jill Ward

Thank you, Spencer. Well said.
Perhaps you might consider running for prime minister??
if we don’t get this POS out NOW we aren’t going to be around in the next 3-4 years!!