Day After Mild Rebound, Stocks Plunge Again

Both the TSX & Dow Jones have now entered a bear market.

It was another bloodbath in the markets today.

Two days ago, both the Dow Jones and TSX plunged.

A day ago, they recovered slightly, as governments telegraphed stimulus measures.

But with the Coronavirus continuing to spread, and a growing awareness that this could be something we’re dealing with for a long time, markets are down again.

The TSX fell 646.70 today, finishing the session at 14,321.25.

It’s now down 20% from the February peak.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1,464.94, finishing at 23,553.22.

It’s also in a bear market, falling 20% since the high in February.

Big ups and downs are likely for the foreseeable future, with emotions and fear running high, and people waiting on each government announcement for a sense of what actions will be taken.

With growing market concern, US President Donald Trump met with top US bankers. Additionally, the US Federal Reserve provided further money to banks in the overnight repo lending market:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Diane DiFlorio

This so called pandemic is all about;
1) Controlling and isolating / quarantining the masses
2) 5G deployment
3) Economic / Stock Market Collapse
4) Total Surveillance
5) Forced Vaccination
6) Cashless Society
7) Microchip

Helmut Beintner


Guy-Paul Roy

Up and down like a Toilet seat lid. I hope nobody hits the flush button.

shawn harris

With the news of the stock markets heading into “a bear market”, it certainly highlights just how devastating Justin Trudeau’s socialist policies are. If Trudeau had in the past supported our oil industry and our economy, instead of deliberately undermining it with far left socialist economics, then this , still devastating news of a bear market, wouldn’t be having the same crippling impact that it certainly will have heading into the future.