Despite Repeated Instances Of People Contracting Coronavirus Abroad & Bringing It Back To Canada, The Trudeau Government Refuses To Close The Borders

At a certain point we have to take drastic measures, and that point is already passing us by.

With Coronavirus cases continuing to rise in Canada, there are more and more examples of individuals being diagnosed with Coronavirus after travelling to foreign countries.

While community transmission is still limited (though that is likely to change), the biggest threat so far is travel abroad.

As a result, a growing number of countries are enacting tougher and escalating border closures. Australia has banned travel from multiple countries, Israel is requiring all visitors to self-quarantine, India has suspended all tourist visas and closed their border with Myanmar, and many other countries have imposed restrictions of varying severity.

Unfortunately, the Trudeau government has taken no such measures.

Instead, Canada’s borders remain fully open. In fact, the only real restrictions in place were a private decision by Air Canada to end all flights to and from Italy, which was itself a redundant decision since Italy is shutting down movement in and out.

Also, with cases rising around the world, including in our close allies like the US and the UK, continued cross-border travel/plane travel is a rising danger.

Border controls and closures are not perfect, but right now it’s all about playing the odds. And lets take a moment to think about it:

Would border closures increase, or decrease the number of cases?

Of course, it would decrease it.

And since each case can spread to others, reducing one case can reduce many more, especially if there is exponential growth.

Of course, we can’t block citizens from returning, nor should we.

But what we can do is push for all return citizens to be in self-isolation at home for 14 days, along with government financial support to ensure that people can stay home without going bankrupt.

We can also make clear that future cruise ship trips will not be allowed to enter Canadian ports.

And we should also be suspending all tourist visas.

The borders should remain available for essential goods back and forth, particularly with the US, in order to keep the basic economy functioning.

Also, the government should be calling for all outward travel from the country to stop temporarily, which would again reduce the chance of someone acquiring Coronavirus overseas and then bringing it back to Canada.

Action must be taken now. Every delay could bring more cases.

Canada must begin shutting down our borders to buy our nation some time.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Donald O'Kane

You are right Spencer the borders should have been closed weeks ago. What is it with Trudeau and the Liberals. They just don’t seem to care how many Canadians are infected and die. FIRE THEM ALL.

Dave Youngman

The time to shut borders is waaaaaaay past. China could have stopped it dead but chose to arrest doctors trying to warn us then AFTER they knew they had a problem allowed 60,000 people to fly out of Wuhan. The 14 day quarantine is grossly inadequate as many have tested positive and got sick 40 days later or more. If Canada was going to close borders it should have done that in early Jan but trudy was only worried about stigmatizing the Chinese here and allowing OUR bigotry and xenophobia to show. Much more important to be PC than protect… Read more »


It just proves that these people traveling around and worrying only about their own health and well being, and do not respect your health are extremely selfish, and unless we start to quarantine for at least two weeks and test them all, at their expense, all travelers even Canadians are not welcome to Canada? Sorry but this would have been the cheapest, safest and most protective for the rest of Canada. To me this should have been done years ago, because no one should be able to cause the whole country to feel so threatened and scared.

Don Taylor

Trudeau has to be the stupidest PM in Canadian history

Major Tom

There are not enough infected people in Canada yet for Trudeau to implement his surprise policies….

Rob Gillespie

Well, yes, it might reduce the number of cases, but it certainly would reduce the number of illegal aliens entering Quebec from New York with the RCMP carrying their bags and the Sureté du Quebec giving “parking tickets” to Rebel News reporters (Keean Bexte) to keep them from seeing where they’re being taken to (see “Pulled Over on Roxham Road”). And we can’t have that…..