Four New Coronavirus Cases In Ontario, Community Spread Feared

There are now 41 cases of Coronavirus in the province.

Ontario has four new cases of Coronavirus, amid growing fears of community spread.

A previously reported case involves a man from Sudbury, who attended a conference also attended by Ontario Premier Doug Ford and PM Justin Trudeau. There are concerns that case may be community spread, meaning the individual had not recently travelled, and has no known connection to anyone that has Coronavirus. Officials are investigating that case to determine whether it’s community spread or not.

There are two cases of individuals who recently went to the United States, a man and woman both in their 30s. The man is from Toronto, and the woman is from the Halton Region. She was treated in a Hamilton hospital.

Another case is a woman in her 30s from the York region. She had recently travelled to Egypt.

Finally, a man from Ottawa went to Austria, and has since tested positive for the Virus.

All the individuals are now in self-isolation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Yes we must keep the well off traveling abroad and make sure we spread this Wuhan virus to all the communities across Canada, then it will be the epidemic our not for Canada government is trying so hard to really get spreading here.

Luc Crewe

Ontario’s response to this has been abysmal. And Disgraceful. And far too late. Buffoons.

Garlet Farlett

CANADA’S response has been the same, to little to late.