BREAKING: Sophie Trudeau Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Justin Trudeau set to address Canadians tomorrow.

Sophie Trudeau has tested positive for the Coronavirus.

The news was relayed in a statement by her office:


Justin Trudeau’s office also released a statement:

The PMO says Trudeau will address the nation tomorrow. He will remain in isolation for 14 days.

Regardless of political affiliation, we are all Canadian Citizens. Our nation is one family, and in a time of crisis we wish Sophie Trudeau and Justin Trudeau safety and good health and pray for a swift recovery.

Spencer Fernando

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That was a very gracious note from Sophie. I hope for the best. She’s youngish and otherwise healthy so that helps.

I don’t understand not testing Trudeau, even though he apparently feels fine. Can’t people have the virus and show no symptoms? So that doesn’t make sense to me.

Lance Boyle

If he got tested (and I am presuming he did) and showed negative for the corona virus originating out of China, then he would have no excuse not to spend time in front of the press answering questions.

Ron Shaw

Not all Canadians are wishing them best wishes .
Justin should have taken precautions like other world leaders , instead he decided to put a liberal comity together to talk the virus into submission , you and your family deserved better , Canadians deserve better .

Gary Weisbrodt

What’s with the old picture pre beard?


Very sad.Let us hope she gets well soon.She is a Mum with 3 children.Certainly very serious matter.

Lance Boyle

She is a mum with the best nannies the Canadian taxpayer can offer.
Screw that. I know single moms and dads who are living paycheque to paycheque in the Trudeau economy who would essentially lose everything if they had to “self isolate” for two weeks. THEY, get my sympathies.