The Spencer Fernando Podcast: Episode 4

Markets bludgeoned. Canada starts shutting down. Sophie Trudeau tests positive.

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Brian Dougan

Here’s a small puzzle to illustrate exponential increase. Perhaps you’re familiar with it. A man in a small boat, and an eyedropper; sits in a watertight; empty NFL football stadium. He’s alone. (He has a water supply.) Starting with one drop of water–and then doubling the number of drops each time–how long will it take for the water to reach the very top of the stadium? Remember; starting with one droplet, and then doubling the next. One drop…two drops…four…eight……sixty-four…Finally; the watertight NFL stadium is filled with water; right to the top. The man in the small boat looks out over… Read more »


Great Podcast Spencer again, thank you. Can I add a possible warning to everyone across Canada to stock up on staples before this hits your area so you are ready just in case, as prices are already starting to go up and here in Hamilton Ont some grocery items are sold out or almost there? things like flour, cans of tuna and salmon, brown beans and other canned items, everyone is grabbing toilet paper and Kleenex, and friends in Toronto say it is getting bad there also and they are hearing rumors that they will be quarantined so are becoming… Read more »


this unserious unfit will ” CONTINUE ” reflecting , discussing, hibernating, reneging on his responsibilities… so Canada , do you know how you change this ?????