CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: The Liberal Government Says ‘Enhanced Screening’ Is In Place. THEY ARE LYING.

An endless stream of evidence shows that there is no enhanced screening at all, even as Canada’s borders remain totally open.

Amid the ongoing Coronavirus Crisis, The Liberal government is telling Canadians that “enhanced screening” measures are in place:

“We have enhanced screening measures in place at all international airports, as well as land/rail/marine ports of entry. We are taking the necessary steps to ensure that Canadians are safe in the face of COVID-19.”

Here’s the problem.


There is no enhanced screening.

All the evidence shows that there are no measures being taken, as our borders remain open, and our airports remain huge potential vectors of virus transmission.

Here are some examples of that evidence:

“I’ve been in the Canada customs line at Pearson for over an hour along with hundreds of people. Six agents on duty, zero screening, no masks, no sanitizer in site. This is as unsafe as it can get.”

“You’re lying. You’re letting in flights direct from China every hour. No temperature tests. No quarantines. Just a (touch screen!) message in English and French.”

And of course, the fact that this is a touchscreen is even worse, since someone could spread the virus to tons of people via touching the screen.

“This. Is. Not. True.”

A great thread by Ted Laking shows even more examples of how the government is lying about so-called ‘enhanced screening.’

“Thread. So there are plenty of examples that have been tweeted today that suggest what the government claims about their enhanced screening measures is incorrect. 1/”

“For example, a national columnist, who went through screening this evening, and was only faced with a computer kiosk that asks one question and was then waved through. 2/”

“A lot of people are asking if I was screened when I just returned to Canada. Yes. I was. By a computer. It asked me one question. I (honestly) clicked “No” and that was that. A human reviewed the printout, asked me, “Where ya coming from?” and instantly waved us through.”

“I timed the entire process from entering the customs area to exiting to the baggage claim area.

That’s minutes and seconds. Just to be clear.”

“Or this reporter who was only asked if they had travelled to Italy, China, or Iran. No questions about symptoms or if they had even been around anyone with COVID or symptoms. 3/”

“Or this reporter who was only asked where they were coming from and why they were there. 4/”

“Back home. For those wondering, at the Ottawa airport tonight I was asked on the customs form whether I’d visited Iran, China or Italy, but there were no other questions or screenings regarding symptoms. The agent only asked where I was coming from and why I had been there.”

“Or this individual who went through Pearson earlier today and experienced zero screening, not even hand sanitizer in the line up. 5/”

“I’ve been in the Canada customs line at Pearson for over an hour along with hundreds of people. Six agents on duty, zero screening, no masks, no sanitizer in site. This is as unsafe as it can get.”

“Or this CTV report that spoke to travellers going through YVR that saw or experienced no enhanced screening. 6/”

“Or this Ottawa medical doctor whose family member returned from Mexico today and reported that no one was telling travellers they should self isolate. 7/”

“Enhanced screening? My brother in law returned from Mexico two hours ago. He just sent me these texts.”

“Or this individual who was on the last flight out of Italy on Wednesday and found no one screening for symptoms at the Montreal airport. 8/”

“I was on the last Air Canada flight out of Italy on Wednesday. Screening questions in Mtl only asked about travel to China and Iran. No screening of symptoms.”

“Or this individual whose family member returned from Egypt and Switzerland on Monday and breezed through customs in minutes. 9/”

“Or this individual who returned from Sydney earlier today who reports that staff didn’t even mention the outbreak to him. 10/”

“Or this man whose family came through Vancouver from Hong Kong and didn’t go through any screening. 11/”

“My family just arrived home in Vancouver #YVR via Hongkong… walked right in with NO SCREENING AT ALL!!

What’s going on @JustinTrudeau ?? #COVID19 ??”

“Or this CityNews report indicating that the final flight from Italy faced no screening. 12/”

The thread goes on, with even more examples.

As you are seeing, the evidence speaks for itself.

There is no ‘enhanced screening.’

There is only deception from the government, false talking points, and total weakness at the border.

This is putting Canadians at risk, and it is an absolute disgrace.

In a pandemic crisis, communication must be honest, action must be swift, and borders must be protected, closed, and screening must be very powerful.

The government is doing none of that, and the more they lie about it the more Canadians will lose trust in our officials, at a time when trust is desperately needed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter