There Will Be A Harsh Reckoning For The Liberal Government’s Failure To Shut Our Borders

At every step of the way, the government failed to protect Canadians when they had the chance.

The Coronavirus Crisis could be seen on the horizon.

The threat was clear.

The spread was obvious.

And the nations that instituted tough measures and border closures (particularly Taiwan and Hong Kong) managed to protect their people quite effectively.

Meanwhile, at literally every step of the way the Liberal government has failed our country.

For months they said “the risk was low.”

We heard that over and over and over again.

They said restricting flights wouldn’t work, they said border controls wouldn’t work.

They did nothing.

And then, months later, when it was already spreading throughout our country and around the world, they lied to Canadians.

They said there was ‘enhanced screening’ at airports.

But that screening didn’t exist.

All along, it’s been lies, weakness, political correctness, and failure.

Roughly 80% of Canada’s Coronavirus cases are travel related, meaning that a combination of bans and enforced quarantines would have stopped it.

Instead, nothing was done.

And Canadians will demand political retribution.

For now, we are in the midst of the crisis.

We want the government to finally do their job, help protect the nation, save lives, and ensure that we protect our nation.

But when the crisis is over, Canadians will demand retribution for this appalling failure to protect Canadians.

The government has one job above all: Keep the Canadian People safe.

They have failed.

They’ve failed so miserably that provinces are being forced to send personnel to airports to actually implement screening.

More lives will be lost because the borders weren’t closed.

There will have to be a reckoning and retribution.

First, there must be large-scale firings of everyone who gave ‘expert advice’ against closing the border. They clearly don’t have an understanding of exponential growth, and they clearly don’t have the basic human instincts necessary to protect the nation.

And those politicians who failed to shut the border must be called out, exposed, defeated, and shunned from public life. They put political correctness ahead of the security of the Canadian People, and they have lost their right to make any decisions for the rest of us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter