REPORT: Liberal Government Leaving Roxham Road Border Open To Illegal Crossers, Contradicting Trudeau’s Previous Claims

Trudeau has said that the only exceptions to the border closure would be Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, US Citizens, Diplomats, and Commerce. Now, the Liberals are adding illegal crossers to that list.

Yesterday, Justin said the Canadian border would be closed to all, except for the following:

Canadian Citizens.

Permanent Residents.

US Citizens.


Commerce – Trucks, Essential Workers, etc.

But now, we can add another group to the list:

Illegal border crossers.

“During the news conference @BillBlair confirmed that the illegal border crossing at Roxham Road is and will remain open despite the government saying the borders are closed to all foreign nationals except Americans. And apparently anyone who can get there.”

According to a Global News report, the illegal crossers will be allowed into Canada, undergoing 24-hour screening:

“Canadian Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair said Tuesday that in an attempt to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus, those crossing the border irregularly will still be allowed into Canada, but will be subject to medical screening and housed in quarantine when necessary.

Speaking at a press conference, Blair told reporters that those found crossing the border would be immediately taken into custody, and undergo a 24-hour screening process.”

Note, the Liberals previously claimed screening was in place at airports, something which was revealed as a lie.

So, with the border remaining open for illegal crossers, many Canadians will only believe anything about ‘screening’ when there’s actual proof, not words.

Once again, at a time when locked-down borders and honest government statements are required, the Liberals deliver the opposite.

And as a result, some of the precious resources that are supposed to be going to saving the lives of Canadian Citizens, will instead be going to those violating our laws and entering Canada illegally.

It’s a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando