The World Health Organization Has Blood On Their Hands

They did China’s bidding when the Coronavirus could have been stopped.

There was nothing inevitable about the Coronavirus Pandemic.

When it first emerged in China, it could have been contained, if the Chinese Communist Party had listened to the medical professionals and journalists on the ground in Wuhan, who were warning about a dangerous new virus.

Instead, China silenced them, jailed them, threatened them, and destroyed evidence.

And as they did that, millions and millions of people continued flying from China around the world, seeding the virus in nation after nation, kicking off the horrific pandemic and economic calamity we are now trapped in.

The World Health Organization was designed precisely to prevent this from happening.

It was supposed to stop the world from experiencing horrendous pandemics, by acting fast, being transparent, and bringing the best of the best together to take action.

It failed.

But it didn’t only fail, it was an active participant in helping China lie about the Coronavirus, and letting it spread until it was too late to contain.

For clear proof, you can see this Tweet by the WHO, from January 14:

And then, take a look at this reply, made on the same day, by someone named Jennifer HY Chan on Twitter:

Consider what this means for a moment…

Some random person on Twitter was more accurate about the threat of the Coronavirus than the World Health Organization was.

And for weeks and weeks, the WHO told countries not to ban flights from China, and endlessly praised China over and over and over again.

It’s sickening, literally.

You and I can now see that the WHO has blood on their hands. The entire organization must be demolished and replaced with an organization controlled only by democratic nations.

Otherwise, this will just keep happening over and over and over again.

Spencer Fernando