Trudeau Says Illegal Border Crossers Will Be Turned Back

The closure of the Canada-US border goes into effect today.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said asylum seekers crossing the border ‘irregularly’ (AKA illegal border crossers) will be turned back at the border.

It’s part of the deal between Canada and the US to shut the border to non-trade travel.

Speaking to reporters, Trudeau said “We also have ensured we are comfortable with this process as being in line with Canada’s values on the treatment of refugees and vulnerable people.”

This is a good move by Trudeau, as Canada cannot risk having people illegally enter our country at any time, least of all when we are facing a pandemic.

You can watch Trudeau’s full remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau has lied about SO much for SO long ? I will ONLY believe it’s happening when Rebel News makes a ‘surprise visit’, and confirms it to be TRUE. Other than that ? NO way…

Greg Alberta

Justin Trudeau and the liberal government have not told one truth in the last 4 1/2 years. He has lied about everything that the liberal government has done. All “Fully Transparent”, NOT. There is not a snowball’s chance in Hell that he is telling the truth this time.

Moe S.

It takes a virus pandemic to finally force Trudeau to close the Roxham Rd. border and enforce immigration laws. FIVE YEARS TOO LATE!!!

Greg Alberta

And another thing. Are we ever going to find out how the liberal government convinced the RCMP brass to convince the once proud RCMP line officers to “pick up the soap” for the ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSERS. What Did Trudeau promise the upper echelon RCMP?


I think Donald told him to shut it down now or face the consequences .


I don t believe a word he says ….

Ron shaw

Mabe he could offer nice diversity hugs at the borders instead , or at least include a basket filled with hotel gift cards , a come again soon card and twenty year free medical and dental credit cards .and of course any terrorists in the crowds can simply apply for their 5.5 million dollar pay out cheque’s , all complements of Canada’s tax payers . Now who needs that diversity hug ?


I don’t believe him anymore than I believe Communist China’s infection and death rate numbers.

Both have long histories of lying, deception, and deflection.

Rob Gillespie

And we believe him, of course. Because, after all, he’s never lied to us before. AND WE’RE ALL STUPID!!!!! Give me a break! I know you don’t believe him either.


Too little too late. It is a matter of public record that over the last 18 months over 25,000 illegal immigrants have very quietly (AT NIGHT ONLY) been escorted into Canada at the Roxham Road Quebec/US border crossing by the RCMP Valet/Tourism Agency. It is incredibly disheartening and frankly disgusting that Canadians are absolutely silent on this very terrifying issue. All except for Spencer and one other agency. What the hell has happened to Canada and to Canadians? Whatever happened to the pride in their heritage? Sold out to socialism and girlie boys like trudeau.


Does anyone believe ANYTHING Justin Trudeau says? He’s a perennial liar and it’s impossible to have any trust in him whatsoever.