Trudeau Seeks “War-Like Effort” To Refocus Industry On Fighting China Coronavirus

“There are people who are talking about historical echoes, whether it was war time or the Great Depression, we’re focused on what we need to do right now,” says PM.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is invoking what he calls a “war-like effort” to refocus Canadian industry to fight the China Coronavirus Pandemic.

With increasing fears that there could be shortages of ventilators – which are essential to saving people stricken by the China Coronavirus – Trudeau is seeking to shift research towards fighting the Coronavirus, and retool industry to produce the equipment that we will need.

“There are people who are talking about historical echoes, whether it was war time or the Great Depression, we’re focused on what we need to do right now,” said Trudeau.

According to a recent report, “Talks had been ongoing between the federal government and industry representatives about how companies can pivot to producing equipment like ventilators, face masks, and sanitizer in anticipation that the outbreak worsens in Canada and hospitals need additional supplies.

But also, the government is working on agreements with industry to produce more diagnostic testing products and other disease tracking technology.”

Similar measures are underway in the United States, where US President Donald Trump has invoked the Defense Production Act, allowing industry to be retooled to “get ventilators and other important medical equipment to those who need it.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Moe S.

According to Dr. Kulvinder Gill, Pres. of Concerned Ontario Doctors, reported in the Toronto Sun, March 18th/20 to journalist Furey, Canada gave away 16 tonnes of medical supplies i.e., ventilators, masks, gloves, protective shields and goggles to China on February 4th/2020.

alan skelhorne

I don,t trust Trudeau in doing anything. sorry, once bitten, twice shy.

Rick Guyatt

Hi Spencer….nice talk from our “leader” ……..except you can never tell if he speaks the truth because of the thousands of lies he tells all the time…..the absolute worst Prime Minister of all time in Canada and certainly not the Prime Minister one would want to hear from at all in a “war” time scenario such as this is. It is clear he must be watching “Fox News” to see what Trump is doing then delay a few days and announce similar action trying to dupe those who were stupid enough to vote for him into thinking “Wow he is… Read more »

Rick Guyatt

Hi Spencer again……I forgot to add your favorite term when you have been commenting on actions taken by Trudeau and his Cabinet Minister comedians…..that is…”What a disgrace!!”


This virtue signalling nonsense from a guy who has still NOT restricted ANY flights from China or Pakistan. And up until 24 hours ago no screening was being done. As well, the Roxham Road US/Canada crossing in Quebec is still allowing at least 0ne busload of 39 illegal (irregular) immigrants every night to cross into Canada catered to by the RCMP Valet Service. The Minister publicly stated that they are held for 24 hours only. If they do not start to sweat and/or exhibit a temperature they are released into their taxpayer funded houses/hotels, ALL expenses paid. And not one… Read more »