Patty Hajdu Said Border Controls In A Pandemic “Can Create Harm.” Three Days Later, Trudeau Closed The Borders, Saying It Would “Help Save Lives”


To get a sense of how disjointed and in many ways incompetent the federal government response to the China CCP Coronavirus Pandemic has been, consider the following video:

Patty Hajdu says border controls in a pandemic can “create harm.”

Then, look at what Trudeau says in the last seconds of his announcement – three days later – on closing the border:

Trudeau says “these measures,” (AKA border controls) “will help save lives.”

The government says they were listening to “the experts.”

So, did all the experts shift their thinking on border controls in three days, going from saying they “create harm,” to thinking they “save lives?”

How the hell did that happen?

What this shows is those who wanted border controls, those who wanted to shut down travel from China, and those who wanted tough measures imposed earlier were correct.

Yet, instead of listening to basic common sense, Patty Hajdu and the Liberal government wasted over a month, talking about political correctness, saying the “risk was low,” and continuing to allow non-stop flights from China without any screening whatsoever.

Now, our country, our people, and our economy is paying the price.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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