Patty Hajdu – Who Repeatedly Said “The Risk Was Low” – Now Says Feds Considering Banning Travel Between Provinces

If ‘leaders’ around the world had listened to people like me and restricted travel from China early on, the world wouldn’t be in this mess. Instead, Hajdu and the government listened to the discredited WHO and pushed political correctness, and now here we are.

Patti Hajdu now says the federal government is considering a ban on interprovincial travel:

“Minister Hajdu says shutting down travel between provinces is a very live issue right now at a number of levels.”

Remember, back in mid February, Hajdu was repeatedly saying the risk was low, and was more concerned with political correctness:

“What we’ve seen is the stabilization of cases in Canada here,” said Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu. “Not to say we can’t anticipate there might be future cases, but it is an indication that all of our systems are working so well and so collaboratively together that we are able to detect cases and then contain them if they do arise.”

“I’ve talked a lot about how we have the outbreak that is obviously related to a physical illness with a new virus on the scene, but there’s also the outbreak of fear and the pandemic of fear is a very common partner to pandemics or outbreaks of other illnesses,” she said. “In this case, the Chinese-Canadian community have been targeted as they often were with SARS.”

“We need to remind Canadians that the risk factor for contracting this virus in Canada is a close contact with someone who recently travelled to the region. It is not associated to race at all. Anybody can contract this virus.”

So, when people like me were calling for flight restrictions from China – where the outbreak could have been contained – Hajdu was listening to the WHO (who are shills for Communist China), and was worried about discrimination, while saying cases in Canada are ‘stabilizing.’

Now, because the window to stop it was missed, we are now in a situation where the China CCP Coronavirus is spreading in our country, our economy is crumbling, and we may soon be unable to travel between provinces.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube