WATCH: In January, The Supreme Intellectual Geniuses Of The Social Mocked & Demonized Canadians Who Wanted A Travel Ban To Stop Coronavirus

They talked about the flu, and equated wanting to ban travel from China – where the horrific pandemic began – with xenophobia and racism.

On Twitter, Sandra Sevcik recently brought the following clip from The Social to my attention.

It’s from late January, and shows the hosts deploying their immense intellectual firepower to discuss the Coronavirus Pandemic:

“Only on TheSocialCTV can they SPIN the #Coronovirus outbreak into a PLATFORM to talk about; Racism, Xenophobia & “our neighbours to the south”. Where’s the segment on prevention & reassuring People that everything will be OK? #CancelCulture #SnowFlakes #Liberal #cancelthesocial”

Of course, had Canada (and the world) restricted travel from China early on – as I advocated for on January 21st, the Coronavirus could have been contained.

Instead, nothing was done until it was too late.

Just look at the expressions the hosts make when they refer to Ruth’s comment on wanting a travel ban. They act like Ruth was some kind of extremist, and then start talking about ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia.’

They even bring up the ‘it’s just the flu’ talking point, and talk about people from Ireland for some reason.

The Social hosts could only see the issue through the lens of political correctness, having no understanding or regard for science, and clearly being unable to look at how scared China was of the virus and consider that the world should have been scared as well.

Canada is now paying the price for this kind of ignorance and political correctness, as a virus that could have been mostly stopped outside of our borders was let into the country to cause untold damage to the health of our people and the economy of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter