Amid CCP Coronavirus Crisis, The Countries That Were Weak On Foreign Nationals Are Now Being Forced To Be Tough On Their Own Citizens

Weak borders and a lack of strength has serious consequences.

With health minister Patty Hajdu – who repeatedly downplayed the threat of Coronavirus and said border controls “cause harm” in a pandemic – now musing about the government using expanded power to force people to stay inside, we are seeing a brutal irony emerge:

The countries that were weakest on foreign nationals are now being forced to be the toughest on their own citizens.

Remember, had Canada shut our borders to China early and imposed ruthless screening at the airports ahead of time, the Coronavirus outbreak in Canada would have been much smaller. After all, about 80 – 85% of Canada’s Coronavirus cases are travel related, meaning either foreign nationals brought it into our country – mostly from China at the beginning – or Canadian Citizens returned and weren’t screened/isolated.

Yet, because of political correctness and an overall attitude of weakness, the federal government refused to take strong action against foreign nationals – the group that originally brought Coronavirus into Canada as flights were allowed in from China.

Now, because of that refusal to be tough on foreign nationals, Canadian Citizens are seeing unprecedented restrictions on our freedom, with even more restrictions likely.

These restrictions have become necessary to stop the China CCP Coronavirus, and it is essential that we save lives and stop the spread of the virus.

That said, we must not forget the lessons of this moment. If we can’t be strong in defending our borders and protecting our Citizens, the price will be paid here at home, among the Canadian People.

That cannot be allowed to happen again.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube