Cineplex Closing All Theatres

Cineplex is closing all theatres and temporarily laying off its part-time staff until at least April 2nd.

Cineplex will pay part-time workers who do not qualify for EI benefits a lump-sum equal to what they would have received from EI for two and a half weeks, with the intention to rehire impacted workers once operations return to normal.

Full time employees and senior executive teams will take a paycut.

“With the temporary closure of our network of entertainment venues and the majority of our full-time employees working from home, our focus was able to shift to safeguarding the long-term stability of our business and our readiness to return once the crisis has passed.” -Sarah Van Lange, Cineplex’s Executive Director of Communications.

This previous weekend saw the lowest attendance in North America since the weekend after September 11, 2001.