Disgrace: CBC Lists Taiwan As “Province Of China”

It’s pathetic.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, the China reporter for Axios, has brought attention to something truly disgraceful:

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is referring to Taiwan as a “province of China,” echoing the propaganda line of the Chinese Communist Party:

“The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada’s national public broadcaster, has listed Taiwan as a “province of China” on its coronavirus tracking map.”

This would be a disgrace at anytime, and it’s especially terrible now, considering that Canada and the world are in the midst of a horrible pandemic that spread from China due to the Chinese Communist Party covering it up.

“Hey @CBCNews – Taiwan is NOT a province of China. Whoever made this map made a serious mistake in judgement there. As a publicly funded broadcaster, I think it’s fair that Canadians expect better here.”

CBC must immediately correct their disgraceful listing of Taiwan, and wake up to the fact that the CCP is not our friend, will never be our friend, and that sucking up to them is pathetic, dangerous, and goes against everything Canada is supposed to stand for.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter