Liberal Coronavirus Crisis Power-Grab Faces Swift Backlash Among Canadians

As the Liberals attempt to undo the last election and shut down the Opposition, Canadians are pushing back.

Earlier, I reported on how the Liberals are trying to use the CCP Coronavirus Crisis to push a huge power grab:

According to a report by Global News, the Liberal government is introducing legislation that would give Bill Morneau immense power over taxation, borrowing, and spending.

And rather than being limited to the initial phase of this crisis, it is set to last all the way until December of 2021:

“Global News has seen a copy of the legislation set to be tabled Tuesday when a small number of MPs from all parties return to Ottawa to pass a multibillion-dollar coronavirus support package.

The legislation grants Finance Minister Bill Morneau extraordinary new powers to spend, borrow and tax without having to get the approval of opposition MPs until December 2021.

The Canadian Constitution enshrines taxation as a power of the parliamentary branch.

Because of that, granting those powers to the federal cabinet alone is highly unusual – even the Emergency Powers Act does not do so.”

As noted by Global, “It also means many of the measures carried out under those new powers could take place without parliamentary debate and without the elected representatives of Canadians getting a chance to vote for or against the measures.”

Now, the backlash has been swift, as Canadians realize how dangerous this is:

“This is crazy. The type of exploitation of an emergency situation of which everyone should be wary”

“Canadians need to ask themselves how they would feel if Trump did it. If it would be outrageous for Trump (and of course it would be) then it’s outrageous for Trudeau. Parliamentary democracy should not be suspended because of #COVIDー19”

“So what you’re saying is Trudeau is actually getting what he wants, a DICTATORSHIP.”

“Wow.Until Dec. 2021. That is a bit scary.”

“No. They shouldn’t be able to avoid non confidence votes. Makes a mockery of parliament if opposition MP’s can no longer debate and vote on these bills.”

“1/ Just arrived in Ottawa after six hours of driving from my home in Wellington County to attend Parliament.

Also just read the Globe and Mail story.

To say I’m shocked is an understatement.”

“2/ From the Globe and Mail:

“The Liberal government is planning to table an emergency spending bill Tuesday that would grant the federal cabinet sweeping new powers to tax and spend without Parliamentary approval until Dec. 31, 2021.””

“3/ If the government thinks it can do this, it is mistaken.

The government requires the unanimous consent of the House of Commons to do this.

If they propose this, I will be voting “no”.”

“The quorum for the House of Commons is 20 MP’s. How difficult do they think it is to have 20 MP’s in the House?

The message is clear: they want to impose an authoritarian government on Canada.”

“This is unbelievable. I do not see what possible justification there can be for it:

Emergency bill would grant cabinet sweeping powers to tax and spend without parliamentary approval through end of 2021 – The Globe and Mail”

“I am feeling very uneasy. Actually it takes my breath away. Clearly whoever leaked this does not agree either.”

“Our position on taxation without representation in the era of COVID-19:”

“The Liberals are attempting to use this crisis to reinterpret the last election – where they lost the popular vote and got a minority of seats – into an Economic Dictatorship, where they control all spending, borrowing and taxing without any oversight and no votes in Parliament.”

This is just a sample of what the People are saying. The outrage is immense and growing, and the Liberals must back down.

You can make your voice heard. Click the link below to contact your MP and tell them what you think of this unconstitutional Liberal power grab.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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robin banks

Fast forward 10 years when the COVID-19 Act is still in force. Under said act, Trudeau is now Supreme Leader for Life ( none of this Prime Minister nonsense). Your lentil and turnip ration will be available after your shift at the factory until the 21:00 hr curfew on alternate Tuesdays. Resistance is futile.

chris brown

Please push this through quickly, I am sick and tired of not living under a dictatorship!


The proposed level of dictatorship here makes a basic level dictatorship look appealing.
Fear the left, as always.


Dictatorship Canadians better wake up.

richard taylor

TRUDEAU and his Lieberal govt have now clinched it, They will NEVER get MY VOTE

Janet Coy

We live in scary times unfortunately being lead by a sick power hungry dictator who cares nothing about Canada’s crisis which he caused by not making any decisions which led to this! But to try to put this through when Canadians are going bankrupt because of the cover 19 crisis is absolutely unbelievable and the work of a criminal!


so there you have it . The latest proof of their socialist ideology . A perfect opportunity to seize control
and raise taxes even further . This will be the final chapter in destroying whats left of our broken economy.

Frances Gruno

This should not happen. This bunch already have too much power. Bill Morneau can’t handle the economy he has on his plate. The last thing he should be given is more power. If Trudeau can’t handle this maybe he should stop giving our tax money to foreign countries which he has been doing just to impress the U.N in order to get a security seat.