Liberals Hold Up Speedy Passage Of Emergency Coronavirus Aid

With Canadians in need of support now, the Liberals are trying to expand their political power instead of helping the People.

As rent and mortgage payments need to be made, with massive job losses occuring across teh country, and with our healthcare system increasingly overwhelmed by the spread of the Coronavirus, the Liberals are holding up speedy passage of emergency Coronavirus aid.

All the opposition parties expressed a willingness to get the legislation passed quickly, and even agreed to have a minimum number of MPs in Parliament attend the session, to ensure speedy passage.

Yet, despite this unprecedented cooperation by the Opposition parties, the Liberal government has held up speedy passage of the desperately needed legislation, by inserting an unprecedented and unconstitutional power grab that would destroy the idea of democracy as we know it.

Instead of focusing on financial support for Canadian families, workers, and business owners, the Liberals are trying to give themselves total power over taxation, spending, and borrowing, with no Parliamentary votes and no Parliamentary oversight.

And they want that power all the way until 2022.

By putting political games ahead of the support Canadians so desperately need, the Liberals have triggered a political crisis, and are holding up passage of the legislation.

As a result, Canadians are increasingly expressing outrage against the Liberals, with the hashtag #TrudeauDictatorship trending, and a wide range of voices across the political spectrum slamming the Liberal power grab.

With the Liberals continuing to put their sick quest for total political dominance ahead of the needs of Canadians, the Liberals are plunging Canada into a further crisis at a time when our health systems and our economy are on the brink of collapse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter