Trudeau Has Squandered Canada’s Crisis Unity With His Unprecedented Power Grab

The country was coming together, and partisanship was fading. Trudeau threw that in the garbage.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government had a tremendous opportunity to unify the nation.

Amid the China CCP Coronavirus Crisis, Canadians were coming together, and partisanship was fading.

Many of Trudeau’s opponents were praising aspects of what he and the government were doing.

Even I had a few nice things to say.

This was a moment when Canada could have been brought together as one nation in a spirit of unity and common purpose.

But now – at the federal level – that’s been ruined by the Trudeau government.

Instead of bringing Canadians together, they tried to take advantage of our fear and the chaos caused by this crisis, by pushing for an unprecedented power grab that would have eliminated the power of Parliament and left Trudeau and their cabinet as dictators until December of 2021.

And while the government has somewhat walked it back under an immense backlash, the fact that they even tried it has had a devastating effect on the trust between the political parties, wrecking any unity and non-partisanship that was growing.

Trudeau once again has revealed his true intentions: When given a chance to unite Canadians, he sought to deviously expand his own power instead, sowing more distrust in our nation when we can least afford it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube