#TrudeauDictatorship Is Trending Amid Backlash To Dangerous Liberal Power Grab

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to exploit this crisis to overturn the last election and subvert democracy.

One of the top hashtags on Twitter in Canada is #TrudeauDictatorship.

It’s a result of the ongoing backlash to the Liberals attempt to impose what would essential be a dictatorship, by shutting down Parliamentary oversight and giving the Liberal cabinet total power over all spending, borrowing, and taxing until the year 2022.

The power grab – which was sneakily put into legislation that was supposed to be about providing aid to Canadians – has generated massive anger across the country, with Canadians wondering why the Liberals are trying to play political games instead of helping those in need.

The Liberals had appeared to back down on the power grab, yet many provisions they’re pushing for still gives the government unprecedented authority, despite the fact that the Opposition has expressed a clear willingness to vote in favour of increased financial support for Canadians who are suffering as a result of the ongoing health crisis and economic crisis.

By putting their own partisan interests ahead of the good of the country, the Liberals are dividing Canada at the worst possible time, and have destroyed the spirit of unity that seemed to growing in our nation.

Spencer Fernando