Under Pressure & Massive Backlash, Liberals Retreat On Obscene Power Grab

The Liberals were attempting to give themselves unfettered power to tax, spend, and borrow until December 2021.

Facing immense backlash among Canadians, the Liberals have retreated on their obscene power grab.

The Liberals had attempted to pass legislation that would have given them unprecedented power, wiping out Parliament and making the Opposition powerless.

The legislation would have given the Liberal cabinet the ability to make any and all decisions on spending, taxing, and borrowing, with ZERO oversight, no votes, and no Parliamentary approval.

In short, it would have entrenched them as a dictatorship until December of 2021.

Now, the Liberals are retreating:

“The legislation will be tabled without clause 2.”

Liberal house leader Pablo Rodriguez also Tweeted that it would be changed after ‘consulting’ with the Opposition (AKA being busted on their huge power grab):

“Tomorrow, we’ll seek to pass the emergency response to the #COVID19. We consulted with the opposition and will bring changes to the draft legislation. We will always work collaboratively and respect the fundamental role of Parliament.”

Of course, the fact that the Liberals even tried this is a disgrace, and shows their true priorities:

Power at any cost.

Instead of bringing Canadians together, the Liberals tried to exploit this situation to make the biggest power grab of all time.

We must remember this moment, and remain vigilant against the next power grab.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I seriously doubt that the BQ would have gone along, but who knows ?


one more evidence of liberal naivety and arrogance ….

Rick Guyatt

Same old, same old from the Liberals. I still can’t fathom any Canadian being stupid enough to vote Tru-Do-Nothing into office in 2015. But to repeat putting this idiot into office the second time last fall, albeit with a minority, just shows you once again the true numbers of Canadians that are still proving their stupidity by voting for him again!!! You would think they would have learned they blew it the first time, but they just had to double down on their stupidity by voting for him the second time. There is no hope for these people….I wish they… Read more »


Trudeau WANTS to be the dictator of Canada. WHY can’t more people see it ?!!!!
We should NOT have to ride them / rein them in,in EVER bill/law they try to pass
to STOP it from happening. Talk about being outright SNEAKY and stealth like with his ‘authority’…
It’s a DISGRACE that Trudeau continues to betray the VERY trust that he thinks he has…
It IS being whittled away daily right now for more and more Canadians, I believe.
Frankly ? I wouldn’t trust him to bring back the change from $5 after buying me a loaf of $3 bread


Another reason Canada needs to take back our media. Thank you Spencer once again “for the truth”.


Great news!!! This Communist, Dictatorial power grab should come as no surprise to anyone that has followed the life of this little boy trudeau. An avowed worshiper of the Chinese Dictator Xi, self appointed emperor of China. Canadians had better wake up to the reality of this little boy. He is the most dangerous human being to have ever been made the PM of Canada. Trudeau is a megalomaniac. Just look up on YouTube when the CBC cameras were following him and his family around during the leadership race. He arrogantly stated to his wife Sophie: “Honey this is my… Read more »


Sounds like the kind of plan the Conservatives would try, were they in power.

Richard Courtemanche

Got to keep an eye on him. Insanity isn’t curable.

Sandra Davenport

Where is the opposition? Where is the real Conservative? Where are the real Canadian people *including aboriginals*, the real people of Quebec? If we don’t start respecting each other equally, then this so called Liberal Government WILL treat us equally under Dictatorship rule. And we get NO say.

Chose and defend wisely.


this planned action was indicative of Communist minded Trudeau , use the virus crisis to take powers, prevent any non- confidence motion and buy votes with massive spending for certain people;s benefit.