PHOTO: Chart Shows How Terrible The Trudeau Liberals Coronavirus Response Has Been

When the virus could have been stopped, the Liberal government was focused on political correctness and told us it was “low risk.” When it spread out of control, they demanded dictatorial power.

Sometimes, a picture says much more than any amount of words can.

As a writer, even I have to admit that is the case once in a while.

And the picture below says it all about how terrible the Liberals CCP Coronavirus response has been:

Trudeau Coronavirus Fail

There really isn’t much more to say. When the Liberals could have stopped the virus, they didn’t. And when their failure led to mass spreading of the virus, they demanded dictatorial powers.

It’s a combination of incompetence and mendacity that should be chilling to all Canadians. Our health and our democracy are both at serious risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter