REPORT: China Sold Spain 340,000 Test Kits That Don’t Work

This is another reason Canada made such a big mistake sending our supplies to China. There’s no guarantee we will get anything back of even remotely the same quality or effectiveness.

With the Trudeau government under fire for their horrendous decision to give 16 tonnes of our personal protective equipment to Communist China, another country facing a huge CCP Coronavirus outbreak is suffering.

According to a recent report, Spain has made the terrifying realization that 340,000 Coronavirus test kits they bought from China don’t actually work.

“The rapid tests, manufactured by the Chinese company Bioeasy, based in Shenzhen, have a sensitivity of 30%, when it should be higher than 80%,” the sources told El Pais.

One of the microbiologists who studied the kits said, “With that value it does not make sense to use these tests.”

The daily said Spain’s Health Ministry confirmed the the tests’ low efficiency late Wednesday. The ministry recalled the tests from use and told the manufacturer to replace them.”

So, China attacked their own people, punishing doctors and journalists who warned about the virus early, lied to the world, wasting months in which it spread around the world, and are now shipping garbage supplies – for profit – that don’t even help fix the problem the CCP caused in the first place.

This is another reason why the Trudeau decision to give China tons of Canada’s personal protective equipment is such a disgrace. Even if – and it’s a big if – China gives anything back, we can’t have any confidence in the quality.

Spencer Fernando