TONE DEAF: MacKay Asks Why Other Leadership Candidates Want Campaign Halted

Uhhh, maybe because there’s a global pandemic bro?

Peter MacKay is facing growing criticism for his insistence on going forward with the Conservative leadership race, even amid a health system crisis and economic crisis due to the CCP Coronavirus.

With nearly all the candidates calling for the race to be postponed, MacKay continues to insist that it goes ahead, as if nothing else was happening in the world.

And now, MacKay is seeming even more tone deaf.

In an interview with Evan Soloman, MacKay said people should “ask why” the other leadership candidates want the race stopped.


Have you been watching the news bro?

Maybe because there’s a global pandemic taking place?

You can watch the clip below:

“Peter MacKay tells @EvanLSolomon he might want to ask why other Tory leadership candidates want the campaign stopped.

“Because there’s a pandemic,” Evan says, after a pause.

“Is it,” @PeterMacKay replies.”

Now, in fairness to MacKay, some are saying his “is it” comment is questioning whether there is actually a pandemic.

Yet, it seems that MacKay is casting doubt on whether that’s the real reason the candidates want to pause the race.

Still, that’s bad enough.

Canada – and much of the world – are in a desperate battle to stop our health system from collapsing, and keep our economy functioning, as jobless claims surge faster than we’ve ever seen before.

To continue running a leadership race amid this crisis is insane, and it’s a slap in the face to all Conservative Party members.

The longer MacKay goes without acknowledging that, the more out-of-touch and tone deaf he seems.

“Conservative Party Members are trying to keep themselves & their families safe, save their jobs, save their businesses, & stay afloat during a massive pandemic. The fact that the CPC continues the leadership race through all of this is a disgrace and insult to their membership.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I agree with MacKey. We need a conservative leader now, not later. We have to have a leader to confront Trudeau in 6 months when he extends the emergency power, on and on and on…….


I am able to vote as soon as I get the paperwork from the CPC as I have been following the candidates. They can simply hold their debate on the Conservative web site and we vote a week after. No need to fly back and forth across Canada in multiple planes like a certain taxpayer-funded Party leader did a few months ago.

Guy-Paul Roy

Not the sharpest tack in the box.


Not the first time. I can’t think of a single good reason to place this guy in charge of the Conservative party. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool Ontario/Quebec sheep, an OLD hand at it.

I’m getting old too, and I know enough about history to call it what it is – he may be officially a member or not. I doesn’t matter – if we want ON and QC to tell us what to do forever into the future, then we will get what we deserve. Wake the hell up people!

William Peter Gravel

What the hell is wrong with Peter, first he was a bad politician when he was a MP are our memory that short? The antic he pulled are much like the action of Justin, possibly he feels like Justin’s because his father was a politician he should automatically be in? Just another wannabe elite arrogant, yes he’s seems to have the back room unelected want him in, no we don’t need nor want him as the leader , put run on him also clean out the back room power! Further there better people in waiting, why they backed down is… Read more »

old white guy

Good old Canada where everybody is afraid of dying and even more afraid of living.

shawn harris

The entire Conservative party have lost their collective minds by focusing their desires on power and becoming the next government of Canada instead of focusing on the coronavirus and the devastating effects it is having on everyone. I have for the last 40 plus years voted conservative, but this conservative doesn’t even resemble anything conservative at all . It is just another liberal lite party, trying desperately to be seen as conservative in name only. I can’t even bring myself to vote for them come the next election. Especially since power is more important than the suffering and needs of… Read more »

Gary major

I’m one conservative that wouldn’t have voted for mckay regardless of his reprehensible position on the leadership race!