China Has Total Control Over Coronavirus & Is Shutting Down All Their Cinemas Again For A Totally Unrelated Reason

The Communist State just started to re-open some cinemas, but is now shutting them down again.

While The Chinese Communist Party claims they have control over the Coronavirus – numbers that are highly dubious given the regime’s endless lies and some reports that incinerators were running at a massive rate – the country is already backing off their move to open movie theaters.

After a few weeks of theaters slowly re-opening, they have all been shuttered again.

The moves comes just a day after the city government of Shanghai announced the city would reopen 205 theaters.

It is expected that the government will keep the theaters closed for some time, as fears of another virus wave mounts.

While the US has now officially passed China in Coronavirus cases (though not in deaths), there are significant doubts about the numbers in China.

It is certainly possible the spread of the virus has slowed in the nation, but both the numbers of infections and numbers of deaths appear far too small, and suspicion grows even more considering how strongly the CCP controls information and silences dissent/truth.

In fact, that silencing of dissent and silencing of truth is what led to the global pandemic in fhte first place, as the CCP threatened and jailed those who were saying the virus was spreading, squandering at least a month in which the virus could have been stopped, instead letting it spread across China and around the world.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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