Trudeau Is Putting Restrictions On Canadian Citizens That He Claimed For Weeks Wouldn’t Work On Foreigners

By refusing to protect Canada’s borders, the Trudeau government has allowed a situation where massive restrictions on Canadian Citizens are the only option left.

The Trudeau Liberal government is now imposing screening on domestic travel in Canada.

Trudeau has said “Starting on Monday at noon, if people try to travel by plane or through domestic means or by train, they will not be allowed to board if they have any symptoms whatsoever of COVID-19.”

Yet, as noted by Brian Lilley, Trudeau for weeks refused to take action on foreign travellers:

“You might remember as calls were being made for extra screening on flights carrying people in from hot spots like China, Italy, Egypt and Iran, federal officials said over and over again it wouldn’t work.

In fact, asked about stricter border controls on March 5, Trudeau said it wasn’t something the World Health Organization recommended against and then blasted the idea as “knee jerk.”

“We’re going to keep doing things that actually keep Canadians safe,” Trudeau said.

“There is a lot of misinformation out there, there is a lot of knee-jerk reaction that isn’t keeping people safe. That is having real, challenging impacts on communities, on community safety.”

Lilley also points out that since international flights are still being let in, the screening for domestic travellers is now stronger than it is for international flights.

In fact, when people like me were calling for flight restrictions as far back as January, the Liberals did nothing, instead saying it was a “knee-jerk reaction,” and letting in tons and tons of flights from China and around the world. They waited nearly two months to close the border (and even then didn’t fully close it), allowing massive amounts of travel into Canada, which allowed the virus to be seeded across our nation and infect people across the country.

By putting these restrictions on Canadians, after spending over a month saying those restrictions wouldn’t work on foreign citizens, Trudeau has put more Canadians at risk by prioritizing political correctness and non-citizens ahead of the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando