Despite Mounting Economic Devastation, Trudeau Refuses To Halt Carbon Tax Hike

There is widespread agreement across the political spectrum that people need more money in their pockets now. A carbon tax does the exact opposite.

As I’ve said previously, during a crisis it is essential to put aside ideology and do what must be done.

For example, the Conservatives have supported massive government intervention and spending, which is a necessity given the fact that people are being told to stay home, yet still need to afford food, medicine, and housing.

Yet, Justin Trudeau is refusing to halt his carbon tax hike.

Considering that everyone agrees we need to get money into people’s pockets now, Trudeau’s move to keep hiking the carbon tax is absurd, dangerous, and totally counter-productive.

Even if you believe his argument (I don’t) that people will get more back through a rebate than they pay, it still doesn’t make sense, because the rebate wouldn’t happen until later.

And as we know, people can’t wait until ‘later,’ with mass layoffs taking place and bills coming due.

So, what we are seeing is Trudeau putting his ideology ahead of what needs to be done during this crisis.

It’s going to have a real, damaging impact on Canadians, who are already witnessing our economy as we knew it fall apart before our very eyes.

And, as noted by Aaron Wudrick, it’s profound insult to Alberta at a time when Canada needs unity more than ever:

“The whole world economy is shut down and oil’s at four bucks a barrel but the PM still finds a way to kick sand in Alberta’s eyes at the worst possible time. It would be such a simple gesture to just hit pause on this, but no. Appalling.”

Trudeau needs to realize what’s going on, reverse himself, and cancel the carbon tax hike now.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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alan skelhorne

he can do what he wants, no one can stop him.

Greg Alberta

The carbon tax is a money grab for Trudeau to give away to his SJW causes. Trudeau is a climate change communist. So, when it comes time to pay your taxes, subtract the amount of carbon tax you estimate that you paid and subtract it from the tax bill. Or, just don’t pay your taxes.

Gary major

liberals impose taxes not remove taxes!

Brian Dougan

If our political fortunes turn; the appalling Trudeau will be gone at the next election. Hopefully much sooner. If the new PM has an ounce of common sense–and decency–the tax grab will be reversed. Meanwhile; Trudeau will do what Trudeau always does. Crumbling economies be damned. Must fight “climate change.” Stick ’em up! Alas; we can’t call the police; or sheriff–they’re on the bandit’s payroll.


The new pay a big employer 1 wage for 4 workers will only help the bigger companies and do nothing for small businesses.


Canadians need to wake up Canada deserves better


Why is it Trudeau’s decision alone to hike the carbon tax, why isn’t there a vote on it?

old white guy

voting in parliament is like voting in a general election, it really doesn’t matter.


Certainly seems that way with King Justin.


We are mere peasants according to his dictatorial highness.


Isn’t it always the way with the silver spoon brigade, they are so much better than we peasants although we are all equal, yeah right!