Quebec Premier Warns Of Possible Impending Supply Shortages As New Cases Surge

There are over 700 new cases in the province.

Quebec is warning of impending supply shortages, as the outbreak in that province surges.

There were a whopping 732 new cases reported Tuesday, bringing the total number to 4,162.

Six more deaths were reported, bringing the death toll to 31 people.

There are concerns about a shortage of masks, gloves, and medical gowns:

“For certain equipment, we have enough for three to seven days, which is tight,” said Quebec Premier Legault. “But we have orders that should be coming in the next few days, and we have hopes of being able to get by.”

Legault also noted that Quebec’s spring break – which happened right before further travel restrictions were imposed – may have contributed to the growing spread in the province.

Notably, if social distancing is working, it can take some time to tell, so even if Quebec has gotten a handle on the outbreak, the numbers could look dire for a while.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Kate Leto

Reporting only the number of cases does not show the full picture. Every time numbers are reported to the public, we should be seeing TOTAL NUMBER OF TESTS, NEGATIVE RESULTS and POSITIVE RESULTS. Of the positive results, we should be shown a breakdown of acuity: NO HOSPITALIZATION, HOSPITALIZATION, HOSPITALIZATION REQUIRING MECHANICAL VENTILATION, DEATHS, DEATH BY AGE GROUP. Without a full analysis, an increasing number of positive results alone is not directly indicative of spread, curve, nor virility, but likely, I would think, more indicative of the roll-out of the complex system of testing as testing kits, systems and technology increase… Read more »