CONFUSION: Contradicting Tam, Hajdu Says “It Is Absolutely Critical That People Are Wearing Masks Outside,” Then Her Office Claims She Misspoke

If the government is demanding compliance with extraordinary desperate measures, the very least they can do is have a baseline level of competence.

I really wish there was nothing to criticize Theresa Tam and Patty Hajdu for.

It would be great if they just got things right.

But they’re not, and the blunders keep on adding up.

Recently, Tam – contradicting a growing mountain of evidence on the effectiveness of masks in slowing the spread of viruses – said they aren’t necessary.

Then, Patty Hajdu contradicted Tam:

“So if you were listening to the press conference you may have noticed @PattyHajdu say it was “absolutely critical” that people wear masks outside. Her office says she misspoke. She meant to say people can wear masks *if they want to.*”

So, which is it?

Is it what Tam said, that masks aren’t necessary?

Is it what Hajdu said, that masks are “absolutely critical?”

Is it what Hajdu’s office said, that it’s only about people wearing them “if they want too”?

Again, if the government is seeking to get people to listen to their calls for drastic measures (which now appear set to last for months), they must have at least a basic level of competence, to ensure that there is some confidence in what they say.

Instead, we’re getting this endlessly contradictory advice, chaos, and the obvious sense that Tam, Hajdu, and the entire government have been one step behind the entire time and are desperately flailing around in the dark.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Basic level of incompetence. It is the Liberal way as they follow Trudeau’s lead, follow his example. Like cannabis, he makes snap feel-good decisions without a single thought of the consequences and ramifications and leaves it to others to try to figure out. Where is his constant mantra about “doing it right”, as he spews about pipelines?

The Trudeau way – “do it right” and never get it done, or head off in five different directions and really get it wrong. This is sickening.

Major Tom

Their minds wander…….and they just tag along……..

Arie Intveld

It would be best to disregard everything that Trudeau, Hajdu, Tam, the UN or WHO have to say about anything. All have been displaying malevolence of an unprecedented level. To suggest incompetence implies that they don’t know any better. But they do. What we are experiencing is a premeditated campaign using a global dispersal of an engineered, deadly pathogen. The objective: loss of personal financial independence, loss of personal privacy and freedoms, depopulation through senicide, a paradigm shift to the global economy and, ultimately, global governance. We Canadians are on our own. We always have been on our own. Each… Read more »


The whole liberal party is filled with incompetent people starting at the top and going to the bottom.

Keith Arnold

Canada is a ship of fools with these incredibly incompetent idiots at the helm

Rick Guyatt

In all of Canadian history (1867 to now), did you ever, EVER see such tripe and incompetence from a bumbling bunch of Liberals from the Prime Minister on down??? Think about it. They can’t even get their lies straight……….they contradict themselves over and over……..UNBELIEVABLE!!!!


This lady is a complete incompetent fool. Should have been fired a long time ago.

Steve Richards

As I stated in a comment here a few days ago, the THREE STOOGES ARE RUNNING THE SHOW.
MOE IS…………