DISGRACE: Hajdu Sides With Chinese Communist Party, Claims Their False Data Is Accurate

The latest debacle from the confused and overwhelmed health minister.

Patty Hajdu – who has bungled the CCP Coronavirus response every step of the way – is at it again.

Despite mounting evidence in Wuhan – from mass ordering of urns and dramatically heightened incinerator operation – and a report by US intelligence that China was undercounting their Coronavirus infections and deaths, Hajdu defended China’s false numbers:

Of course – as always – Hajdu is wrong.

There is clear evidence, much of it compiled by Chinese citizens online, pointing to a clearly much higher death rate.

And of course, the US intel report is something the Canadian government should be listening too, considering the US is our ally, and China is not.

Even worse, Hajdu called those questions, “conspiracy theories.”

“Your question is feeding into conspiracy theories that many people have been perpetuating on the internet.”

Amazingly, Hajdu made the comments despite CHINA ITSELF admitting that they had undercounted the numbers by excluding asymptomatic people.

So, not only is Hajdu clearly in over her head, overwhelmed and confused, but she’s siding with Communist China, against our own close ally, against the Chinese People who have exposed CCP lies, and against the truth.

A total disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The revolution is one day closer.


I find it so hard to have any sympathy for Canada and Canadians. Especially after he has publicly stated his abject love for Xi jinping and socialism/communism and then given one of his muslim friend 10.5 million of taxpayers dollars. and they still voted this little boy/girl back into power. 10.5 millions because as Kadhr the terrorist said, “The US Army was mean to me.” “I only killed on of blinded the other of their soldiers.” “And did my best to slaughter Canadians that were and failed, thank Mr. Trudeau, my friend.”

Paul Cook

I have never seen a government in power that has such weak ministers. I can’t name one that seems to know what they are doing.
Pick the best person for the job, regardless of gender or lack thereof.
Having said that I am not surprised as the PM is a total imbecile with the intellectual depth of a puddle.

james isnor

I get it now. The PMO thought if he surrounded himself with complete incompetence it might make him look better.

Major Tom

Are we to conclude that this Liberal government is in alliance with Communist China?


Liars buying the lies of OTHER liars. Is anyone surprised ?


She is blindly obeying Trudeau’s directives. Why are these various Ministers unable or incapable of actually doing their own work and investigation. They all, including Trudeau, simply keep up with world news by watching various news reports like we all do. Bloody hell, their time is not that important that they can’t sit for half an hour with a coffee and a sandwitch and watch the friggin news.