Brutal: Hajdu Doubles Down On Spouting Discredited Chinese Communist Party Virus Numbers

Hajdu continues pushing the CCP line, despite the immense evidence that China has been lying.

Patty Hajdu continues doing the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party.

Yesterday, she claimedagainst all the evidence – that China’s virus infection and death totals were correct:

“Of course – as always – Hajdu is wrong.

There is clear evidence, much of it compiled by Chinese citizens online, pointing to a clearly much higher death rate.

And of course, the US intel report is something the Canadian government should be listening too, considering the US is our ally, and China is not.

Even worse, Hajdu called those questions, “conspiracy theories.”

“Your question is feeding into conspiracy theories that many people have been perpetuating on the internet.”

Amazingly, Hajdu made the comments despite CHINA ITSELF admitting that they had undercounted the numbers by excluding asymptomatic people.”

Yet, despite the immense backlash she received for doing the bidding of the CCP, Hajdu is doubling down:

“Yesterday, Patty Hajdu said our @iangwood was pushing “conspiracy theories” when he asked if she believed the #covid19 #’s from China.

Today, she did not retract her accusation.

“We have every confidence in the work that the (WHO) is conducting” – Hajdu”

This is absolutely disgusting.

Hajdu is supposed to be standing up for Canadians, not defending China’s false numbers.

Considering that one of China’s Vice-Premiers even slammed some officials for underreporting, Hajdu is now following the CCP Propaganda line even more closely than the CCP itself.

Canada deserves far better, and everyday Hajdu remains in the health minister role raises the risks to the Canadian People due to her incompetence, naivety, and willingness to trust dishonest and discredited organizations at the expense of the truth

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter