WATCH: Scheer Pushes Back Against Hajdu’s Mendacious Defence Of CCP Virus Numbers

Scheer makes clear that China cannot be trusted.

While Patty Hajdu is doubling-down on her disturbing and disgraceful defence of China’s obviously false Coronavirus infection & death numbers, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is pushing back.

In a press conference, Scheer said China cannot be trusted, due to the fact that the Communist State stifles free discussion and oppresses their people:

“Conservative leader Andrew Scheer doubles down. “Any government that operates in an autocratic fashion, a communist government that denies basic human rights to its own people, that stifles dissent and squashes the free press should be distrusted.”

Scheer is 100% correct.

China cannot be trusted.

And the fact that Patty Hajdu continues to push CCP Propaganda should be deeply disturbing to all Canadians.

At a time when we need to be able to trust what our government is saying, Hajdu is spreading foreign propaganda, and destroying her already non-existent credibility.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Lynne Mayotte

No one has been able to enter China to verify one way or the other and they have always been an authoritarian country that lies over and over, why should this be any different? A snake is a snake is a snake, but Trudeau and his Administration, chosen by him of course always leans towards the communist/socialist/globalist countries against Canada, just like his father.

Arie Intveld

Did you think Andrew Scheer was only chastising the CCP? He also just gave the Trudeau and his cabinet of comrades a cuff upside the head with this. “Any government …”