Coronavirus Crisis Shows Canada Can’t Rely On Anyone But Ourselves

No nation has as much potential to be as self-sufficient as we do here in Canada. This crisis shows we must take action to improve our self reliance.

Amid the ongoing CCP Coronavirus Crisis, many Canadians are learning how dangerously dependent we are on foreign nations.

While I’ve been saying for sometime that we must become more self-sufficient, that goes against what the political class has pushed, as they relentlessly claim we are a ‘trading nation’ and deepen our dependence on foreign countries.

Yet, amid this Crisis, people are seeing that foreign countries cannot be relied upon.

The failure to close up our borders with China let the virus spread within our nation, as the virus was allowed in for months, seeding the cases and precipitating the transmission.

Meanwhile, the inability to get shipments of masks, including blocks being put in place by the US – and reports of masks being stolen by other countries, has shown that in a crisis, even our allies will look after their own interests.

Finally, even when foreign mask shipments are received, the quality is often terrible, as many countries have seen that China-made products are defective and low quality.

The fact is that Canada can’t rely on anyone but ourselves.

Our country has all the resources we need, and we are a country with a high-level of technology.

As a result, it is entirely possible for us to be self-sufficient in all key items.

A combination of tariffs on select foreign goods, investment in more manufacturing jobs and advanced robotics could power our nation to a level of self-sufficiency that means we are never desperately trying to buy goods from foreign nations amid a crisis.

We live in a world that is often a very ruthless place. We can’t rely on anyone but ourselves.

We must wake up to this reality and take action.

Spencer Fernando