Theresa Tam’s Mask Flip Flop The Latest Example Of Stunning Incompetence

Tam appeared to be awaiting permission from the China-controlled WHO to change her advice on masks.

Here’s what Theresa Tam recently said about masks:

“Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, maintained in a press conference Monday that while face masks can cut down on the spread of the coronavirus when worn by someone already infected, it does little for healthy individuals.”

Here’s what she says now:

“Canada’s top public-health doctor says wearing masks is a way for people who might have COVID-19 without realizing it to keep from spreading the illness to others.

That’s a change from previous advice.

Dr. Theresa Tam says the change is due to increasing evidence that people with the virus can spread it without knowing they’re sick.”

Of course, you know very well that it has long been reported that people without Coronavirus symptoms can still spread it.

And it’s been known for a long while that the countries where masks are worn – Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, etc., have often done the best against Coronavirus.

In fact, as recently as about a week ago, Tam was still advising against widespread mask usage.

Now, she’s reversed herself, and it’s no coincidence that her reversal came right after the WHO changed their advice and recommended more widespread mask usage.

Tam has reversed herself over and over again during this crisis, saying the risk was low, saying travel restrictions wouldn’t work, focusing on ‘stigma’ as the biggest threat.

Eventually, Tam ends up with the right policies, but she gets there weeks – even months – late, by which time the virus has spread further and further out of control.

At this point, Tam’s performance is seen as a mixture of disturbing devotion to the China-controlled WHO, and stunning incompetence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Intentional disinformation from an inept government that is obviously not in control.

Maryam McKinley

“Tam’s performance is seen as a mixture of disturbing devotion to the China-controlled WHO, and stunning incompetence”. Yes, why is that? If I was a conspiracy theorist, I might start thinking that Tam is a Chinese agent.

shawn harris

Most likely if asked, Theresa Tam would after along pause and wait for either China or the WHO to give her both permission to speak and then confirm whether or not she really is a Canadian citizen. Since she has proven herself to be this incompetent, in public life, just imagine how much damage , pain and suffering she did in private medical practice.


Isn’t Canada run by the Canadian government? Why are they so desperately willing to take directions from the UN? The Liberals are clearly incapable of making decisions on their own, which has been a trait of the Member from Papineau for years. He can’t wait and wait and wait until the WHO gets it right, for God’s sake. This is the same with pipelines and UNDRIP, making pathetic UN decisions part of Canadian Legislation. Horgan has done the same. To hell with what is good for Canadians as long as it is politically correct. The Cons had damn well better… Read more »


Let’s face it as a country we would be doomed if we weren’t already spread out so much and having a younger Population helps a lots, but in the after math the debt of this country will be rediculas with all the current give aways and it’s only a matter of time til he is fake saving the world

Ralph Knapp

Spencer, I think you’re being a little harsh with Tam. That comment came before the info change with respect to masks. This is a first for this infectious disease and everyone is learning on the fly. There’s new info with respect to this disease coming on by the minute and no previous precedence to follow.

Major Tom

I wouldn’t trust her with my rice bowl…….

alan skelhorne

just another lying liberal from the liberal party.

John Randall

A total follower, we need a leader in this crisis. I am absolutely devastated by the way our so called government has handled this. It’s almost like they are letting this get a good hold on the country, why? No trust whatsoever in the Trudeau government, sorry I spelt that wrong, ..TURD-o there corrected.

chris brown

“Send in the clowns”, Oh wait…they’re already here.
It would be funny if it wasn’t so devastating. Not only is the economy in shambles but many are/will lose their loved ones.
“Lets vote them out”. Good luck with that. “But we had no idea Mr. Dressup/Blackface/man of a thousand scandals, was incompetent”. Riiight.

Terry Jones

If you actually read Tam’s remarks past and present they are not a flip flop. She has maintained all along that waring a mask does little for healthy people. She said that a mask may prevent someone that has COVID from spreading it. The incompetance here is that people are walking around WITH COVID and spreading it rather than staying at home. So the way to address that in simple terms that simple people can understand is to tell them to wear a mask. So instead of calling one of the most reasonable people that is looking out for the… Read more »

Beverley Campbell

Share my thoughts? First thought is that it is a stunning waste of tax payer dollars to see this ineffectual individual repeating her lack-lustre message over and over each day, this completely incompetant spokesperson just wanted her 15 minutes of fame, that is my second thought and now comes thought three: How did such a person ever get hired into this position, a clear example of being promoted until you are so far above your ability that you are useless and ineffectual. Great Scott, Sweeet Jesus, take her off air, please let me never see or hear of her again.

Clive Edwards

Many if not most governments and their functionaries around the world see themselves as representatives of globalist organizations to the people of their country. Canadian ministers and bureaucrats are no different, in fact they seem to be worse than most. I notice Henry Kissinger is still alive and promoting his globalist poison. Watch for Turdo to invite him to speak to Parliament.

Rob Gillespie

I wish you, and others in your sort of position, would stop laying all this at the feet of incompetence. All this crap is deliberate. I firmly believe they want to kill as many Canadians as possible this way, and then finish the job when they (just know they will) have finished creating the police state, the “basic dictatorship” that Justin the Groper admires so much in China. They, as well as Pandemic Patty – and a number of others in the cabinet – need to be removed from office and placed on a one-way flight to Beijing, where they… Read more »