Huawei Isn’t A Mask Manufacturing Company. Any ‘Donated’ Masks Are Really A Tool Of Influence For The CCP

To think there isn’t an expected quid pro quo here would be absurd.

With reports that Huawei is planning to ‘donate’ masks to Canada, the first question to ask is why the Chinese Communist Party is using Huawei as the sender.

The fact is that Huawei is a tech company controlled by the CCP. Huawei is not a mask manufacturer.

So, if Huawei is ‘donating’ masks, that really means the Chinese Communist Party is giving the masks to Huawei, and then instructing the company to give the masks to Canada.

That also means the CCP could simply have given the masks directly from the manufacturer.

As a result, this is clearly an influence attempt.

By directing the masks through Huawei, the CCP is clearly seeking to pressure Canada to give in on the 5G issue, allowing the dangerous CCP-controlled company to have control over our 5G networks.

The line will be “after Huawei donated masks to you during this crisis, how could you say no?”

This is why Canada must have the capacity to manufacture our own masks, rather than being reliant on a foreign authoritarian state.

Additionally, we should reject Huawei 5G now, and then see if those mask donations are still offered. That would make it clear whether this is a real offer, or – as is far more likely – an attempt to use a crisis that originated in China to push the political goals of the CCP.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Hey China, don’t you think you have done enough damage, piss off and keep your defective masks and 5G Network

Major Tom

Methinks Trudeau allies his ‘post national state with no core values’ with……Communist China……Canadians be damned!

shawn harris

Trudeau has to show courage and real leadership, not cowardice and submission when dealing with China.Given the known facts about Huawei and how closely tied they are to the Communist Party in China, Canada must give the boot to Huawei now, and that means all of their operations,services, products and cellphones in Canada, gone. After all , Trudeau should be making it loud and clear release our unlawfully kidnapped citizens now, before we even consider any offers from Huawei. Unfortunately, Trudeau is still in the thrall and rapture over his admiration for the basic communist form of dictatorship.

Moe S.

The CCP is acting as a charitable mafia godfather who just killed your grandparents with the virus and now is offering masks to the surviving relatives.

alan skelhorne

again Trudeau will give in to what china wants

Terry Roberts

I’m in total agreement on your quid pro quo perspective – but what has not been considered is the high possibility that the agreement to adopt their 5G has already been assured, subject to the delivery of medical supplies. To use the words of DJT, “We’ll see what happens”.


Reject Huawei now and see if donation holds up. I like it. I like it a lot.