Dangerous: More Violent Criminals Being Released, With Virus As ‘Excuse’

This will pose an escalating danger to law-abiding Canadians, at a time when our society is already weakened.

More and more violent criminals are being released, as some politically-correct judges place the safety of dangerous criminals ahead of the safety of the law-abiding Canadian People.

As noted in a recent Global News report, “A growing number of suspects arrested on serious criminal charges have been ordered released from custody in recent weeks by judges concerned about the spread of COVID-19 in Canada’s prisons.”

Included in the list of individuals being released are a man involved in a shooting at a Toronto mall, someone who was apparently a getaway driver in a murder attempt, and a man who fired a bullet through is ex-girlfriends window.

Notably, one judge who released a violent criminal cited Justin Trudeau’s words of being “very concerned” over the prison system being vulnerable to an outbreak.

Of course, this means that law-abiding Canadians will now be more vulnerable to violent criminals.

Once again, we see that the politically-correct elite prioritize law-breakers and criminals ahead of law-abiding Canadians, putting good people at risk to protect those who have done horrible things.

Making this even worse is that many police officers are already at increased risk because of how often they have to interact with others, meaning we could face a situation where more and more police are off the job due to sickness, while more and more violent lawbreakers are released to roam free among the populace.

Furthermore, those who have committed violent crimes have already shown that they can’t be constructive members of society, and are unlikely to follow the necessary social distancing rules.

The fact is that those who have committed terrible crimes have lost the right to have the system worried about their safety. If you don’t want to be stuck in prison during an epidemic, don’t go around shooting people and committing violent acts.

Law-abiding Canadians shouldn’t be forced to pay the price for the criminal acts of others.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube