Canada Needs A Relentless, Thorough, & Extensive Investigation Into CCP Infiltration Of Our Political System & Politicians

We cannot trust that our leaders are loyal until an immense investigation has taken place.

The CCP Coronavirus Crisis has exposed the extent to which our many of our politicians – particularly within the federal Liberal government – are willing to spread lies and propaganda on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.

Just like the WHO, it appears many Canadian government officials have been corrupted by the influence of the CCP, acting in the interests of a foreign power, rather than the Canadian People.

The question now is whether those politicians are merely ‘useful idiots’ who are simply too dumb to realize they’re doing the bidding of the CCP, or whether they are being paid or influenced in some direct or indirect way by the CCP.

In short, Canada needs to know how many of our politicians and government officials are – at this very moment – actively betraying the country, in effect working as either spies, propagandists, or covert infiltrators for the CCP, a clear act of disloyalty against our country.

Such an investigation wasn’t possible when the Liberals had a majority, but now that they have a minority, the opposition – led by the Conservatives – must push for the deepest investigation Canada has ever had.

Those who oppose such an investigation will be implicating themselves – at least ideologically – as opponents of the Canadian national interest, and tacit servants of the CCP.

As more and more people are noticing and pointing out, Canada is appearing increasingly as a colony of the CCP, with our officials strangely and disturbingly unwilling to criticize China or act against China in anyway, while being totally fine with criticizing and demonizing our close democratic allies.

With China’s CCP lies having caused horrific death and economic destruction, now is the moment where we must investigate, expose, and remove those within our government who are serving a foreign regime at the expense of Canadians.

I encourage you – as a Patriotic Canadian – to spread the word of a need for a total investigation of this CCP infiltration and subversion of our nation. When this crisis is over, Canadians will need answers.

Without an investigation, our country will be stolen from us, and our own ‘leaders’ will be complicit in that threat.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube