Trudeau Politicizes Virus Response, Falsely Blames Conservatives For Liberal-Caused Delays

Liberal wage subsidy legislation was so poorly written that it had to be corrected. Now, Trudeau is trying to blame the Conservatives for the failure of the Liberal government to get it right the first time.

As has been widely reported, the wage subsidy legislation introduced by the Liberals was so poorly written (even contradicting what the government claimed it would do) that it would not have been able to pass legally.

That means it couldn’t have been passed, and desperately needed support would not be received.

As a result, the Conservatives offered to return to Parliament to help fix the legislation, and pass it immediately.

Yet, instead of thanking the Conservatives for having a practical, solution-focused approach, Trudeau is trying to politicize the crisis, falsely claiming the Conservatives are holding up the legislation.

“Disappointed in the partisanship of the Prime Minister today. He knows Parliament is not holding up the wage subsidy.

He is.

His gov admits that whether the House passes his latest bill today or next wk, business cannot even apply for the wage subsidy for another 3 weeks”

Trudeau keeps talking about a “Team Canada” approach, but instead of bringing people together as a team, he’s trying to demonize his opponents and spread lies to distract from his own failures.

That kind of division and partisanship is the last thing Canada needs right now.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau is a pathological liar, incapable of telling the truth. Every statement he makes is suspect and needs complete investigation before any of it can even be considered. I think it’s about time we just started ignoring whatever the government is telling us and just carry on without them. All communist countries came about because too many people believed the lies and agenda of dishonest politicians, like the liberal party is using now. Liberals are liars.


Trudeau can never admit to being wrong about anything. There’s ALWAYS someone else to blame so are we surprised by this ridiculous stance on his part? The short answer is no. He’s a chronic liar and that’s not going away anytime soon.