EXPOSED: Immense Failure Of Federal Virus Response Revealed, And It Is Staggering

The experts and politicians got it wrong, even as many regular Canadian Citizens were warning of the danger.

We have been repeatedly told to ‘trust the experts,’ and ‘trust the government’ amid the CCP Coronavirus Pandemic.

Yet, that trust has been hard to come by, because the ‘experts’ and politicians keep getting it wrong.

And now, federal documents reveal how badly the top level of government failed us:

“Briefing notes prepared by bureaucrats for federal ministers show just how quickly the COVID-19 situation evolved in Canada — with public health officials stating the risk of transmission in Canada was low right up until early March, only to recommend an ordered shutdown of economic life in this country some two weeks later.”

To get a sense of the staggering incompetence and failure, consider that – even as people like me were calling for China flight restrictions in JANUARY – the government was still saying the risk was “low,” in MARCH:

“A March 10 department-drafted briefing note prepared for Health Minister Patty Hajdu ahead of question period said that, with just 12 cases being reported nationwide at that point, “the risk of spread of this virus within Canada remains low at this time.” The note also said the public health system is “well-equipped to contain cases coming from abroad, limiting the spread in Canada.””

Pathetically, even the corrupted WHO was better, claiming in late January that there was a “high risk” at the “global level.”

On January 19th, officials were disputing the idea of person-to-person transmission, despite clear evidence this was occurring in China:

“Based on the latest information that we have, there is no clear evidence that the virus is easily transmitted between people,” a Jan. 19 briefing note prepared for Hajdu said.”

Hajdu also had talking points, claiming it was “next to impossible” to stop the spread of the virus into Canada because of “global travel.”

“What really counts is limiting its impact and controlling its spread once it gets here,” the talking point reads.

And – as we already knew – the ‘screening’ at the airports was non-existent trash:

“While there were information booths at major Canadian airports starting on January 21, the decision to collect personal contact information from inbound Hubei travellers was only made on Feb. 19 — information that could then be used by public health officials to follow up with people if an outbreak emerged.”

As you very well know, February 19 was way too late.

Of course, the government later did exactly what they said was “next to impossible,” banning travel from around the globe, shutting Canada’s borders.

When Trudeau made that move – in late March – he said it would “save lives.” So, if it would save lives in March, it obviously would have saved lives in January – far more lives.

And here’s the most horrific part:

“The government relied on individuals to self-report to Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers if they were experiencing flu-like symptoms, long after temperature monitoring measures were commonplace at airports in Asia.

Between Jan. 22 and Feb. 18, 58,000 travellers arrived in Canada from China — 2,030 of them were coming from Hubei province.

Only 68 were pulled aside for further assessment by a quarantine officer and only three passengers were actually flagged for a medical exam — the other 65 passengers were sent away with a pamphlet.”

This means the government straight up let the virus into the country, even though they could have stopped it.

The government also claimed “there is no ability to enforce or ensure compliance” with mandatory quarantines – despite the fact that other countries manage it, and despite the fact that Canada has a military for situations like this.

Instead, the government went the voluntary route, which failed miserably.

In short, this was a failure across the entire federal government. A failure by the ‘experts,’ and a failure by the politicians like Hajdu and Trudeau to question the experts and have even the basic intelligence to realize that the experts had been wrong repeatedly and that there were examples of countries like Taiwan that used border shutdowns and ruthless airport screening to stop the virus.

When this crisis is over, Canada will need to have a discussion about the incompetence of our leaders, and have a real look at future measures to bring in real, meaningful punishments for failures that cost lives.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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It will need to be more than a discussion.
It will need to be a trial.

Christopher Kastner

ahhh, but was it a failure? There’s more than one way to look at it…

chris brown

Spencer…Spencer…SPENCER (done to the Alvin theme). Over a billion dollars was wasted on a failed gas plant by the Ontario Liberals, followed by a Clinton quality coverup mixed with a leadership shuffle that saw an interim leader put in place with a high priority ‘rainbow’ agenda. The very next election, they’re back in with a solid majority. Mr Dressup, …. endless list of one failure after another – next election, back in. If, and its a big if, there is even much of a chance at a ‘fair’ election next time, the media will have made sure that the voters… Read more »

Guy-Paul Roy

Expert. Ex as in Has Been. Spert as in drip under pressure.




Actually, “Canada has a military for situations like this” is incorrect. The Armed Forces are neither equipped nor trained for law enforcement.

I agree completely with the rest.

Whatever advice Theresa Tam gives, do the exact opposite. She is the poster child for incompetence and wilful blindness, even by Lieberal standards.


Discuss the incompetence of leaders most definitely, but in Canada the majority are incompetent nothing more then professional mouth pieces and will only get worse as time goes by , only solution to these people is make them personally responsible for every action or inaction they take no longer are the days where these people care about the people that elect them all they truely care about is their pet interests and helping themselves

shawn harris

Trudeau and his government are so driven by socialist ideology, it has lead to justifying ignoring the common sense appeal of the public, which has resulted in Trudeau blindly following , not just poor medical advice but deadly medical advice. Either Trudeau is incompetent or has been corrupted by China, in either case Trudeau and his government are a clear and present danger to all Canadians.
All the daily press briefings that Trudeau holds won’t change the fact he is clueless, dangerous and has to resign and call a new election as soon as possible.

Rick Guyatt

Got to get rid of the LIBERALS fellow Canadians!!! Wake up if you want Canada to remain as a free country not under the control of DICTATORSHIPS across the world.

If Canadians think the USA is going to allow TRU-DO-NOTHING to continue doing what he is doing if it becomes a threat to the USA you ARE sadly mistaken!!!!

Bring this Liberal Government down as soon as possible………for the sake of CANADA.


Perhaps those guilty of gross incompetence should be criminally charged and tried in court. They’re directly responsible for the deaths of many Canadians. This mess was largely preventable. The collapse of our economy is another tragedy. The liberals have failed Canadians on many levels and they should be made to answer for their complete and utter incompetence. We deserve better than this and Trudeau should be forced out of government.


‘bring in real, meaningful punishments for failures that cost lives.’. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. Not in Canada.
There’s a lot of people who think Trudeau is doing a wonderful job. I think he doesn’t care one whit about Canadians. Only himself. He’s also the most stupid, disgusting PM this country has ever had and following right behind him is his father.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the fool was elected again.


With an Idiotic Fool at the Helm of our Government, Nobody should be Surprised with the Spread and the Loss of Lives of Covid 19. The ONLY Surprise Should Be Anyone Who would be Against Implementing and Passing a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE to OUST this Dangerous, Stupid Liberal Party from Power NOW! Trudeau and his Corrupt Liberal Party have Created Astronomical Damage to Canada and Canadians! Trudeau MUST GO NOW! A Vote of NO CONFIDENCE is Crucial to Our Survival and the Survival of Our Once GREAT Country!