Federal Refusal To Help Canada’s Oil Industry Would Be An Act Of Disloyalty & Economic Sabotage Against Our Country

The CCP Coronavirus Crisis has shown that we can’t be reliant on foreign countries. Refusing to help our energy sector would leave us more dependent on foreign oil in a dangerous and unstable world.

Over two weeks ago, Bill Morneau said help for the Canadian energy sector was “hours away.”

It still hasn’t arrived.

And now, it appears the Liberals are seeking to exploit this crisis to do even further damage to Canada’s energy industry and make us more dependent on foreign oil:

“The plan, while still in its infancy, is picking up in part from where the government’s economic strategy was headed before COVID-19 turned everything topsy-turvy: with a climate budget.

“When the recovery begins, Canada can build a stronger and more resilient economy by investing in a cleaner and healthier future for everyone,” said Moira Kelly, a spokeswoman for Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson.”

This means that – despite the fact that the crisis has shown the need for the energy sector that is literally keeping society from collapsing by fueling trucks transporting essential goods, keeping the heat and lights on, and producing plastic for essential medical equipment – the Liberals are doubling down on their failed economic plans, plans that have devastated Canada’s energy sector and enriched foreign dictatorships at our expense.

If the Liberal government fails to help Canada’s oil industry during this crisis, it would be an act of disloyalty against the country, and an act of economic sabotage, wrecking our energy industry when we need it most.

It would also reduce our self-reliance and self-sufficiency, at a time when we have seen that self-sufficiency and self-reliance is what Canada needs to protect our nation and our people.

Let’s hope the federal government steps back from the path of economic sabotage, disloyalty, and enriching foreign nations, and instead protects our energy sector and defends the Canadian People against a dangerous and threatening world.

Spencer Fernando

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David MacKAY

Disloyalty & Economic Sabotage Against Our Country over the past 5 years are the fundamental policy constructs of the pro Globalist Trudeau Dictatorship

shawn harris

Trudeau when faced with making the most logical , clear and obvious choice usually defaults towards his communist far left ideology. Trudeau believes that he can save the oil industry, create an new green energy economy all by starving the oil of the essential money and help it needs to survive. Not only does Trudeau not have any proof whatsoever that creating a new green energy economy will create the same numbers of jobs as the oil industry has now, but fails to see, care or understand the widespread economic damage , going green will cause both now and in… Read more »

Rob Gillespie

Justin the Groper’s pathological hatred of Alberta and everyone who lives there is clearly far more important to him than any “love” anybody thinks he may have for Canada. First and foremost he wants to succeed where his father failed and destroy the economy of Alberta and the lives of all Albertans. And if that has the side effect of advancing his “environmentalist” agenda which will reduce everyone in Canada (everyone who survives…) to a 13th century subsistence level of existence, then so much the better. Just another reason I remain an Alberta separatist. VIVE L’ALBERTA LIBRE!!!


Alberta secession is what needs to happen. This is the only thing that will stop the destruction of the entire country. The west needs to be separate from the east. The east needs to stand on their own & do what they want without dragging the west down with it.