With Federal Incompetence Increasingly Obvious, Premiers Reject Giving Trudeau Emergency Powers

The real leadership in Canada has been delivered at the provincial level, with our provincial leaders often stepping in and taking action to correct federal government failures.

The Trudeau government continues to show disturbing incompetence in their handling of the CCP Coronavirus Crisis.

From refusing to ban flights from China, waiting too long to call for shutdowns, trying to make a disturbing grab for power, and leaving the borders open until it was too late, and listening to corrupted WHO advice, the federal Liberal government has gotten it wrong every step of the way.

And now, the Premiers seem to be realizing it, quickly rejecting the idea of the federal government having emergency powers.

According to a recent report, the Premiers strong, and swiftly, rejected the latest federal government attempt to use the Emergency Act:

“B.C Premier John Horgan — whose province has shown progress in flattening the curve of its coronavirus outbreak — was so angry he used an expletive and called the ordeal a waste of time, said sources.

On the call with the prime minister, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, chair of the Council of the Federation, questioned why the federal government keeps raising the act, which the provinces consider a non-starter.”

It’s no wonder the Premiers are rejecting giving the feds more power.

Initially, the federal government appeared to be considering the use of emergency powers in a way that could have been helpful for the provinces. But since then, we’ve seen Trudeau’s disturbing power grab, and continued lies and incompetence from the feds, making it clear that they simply can’t be trusted with more power.

All along the way, we’ve seen the Premiers having to take action to fix the mistakes of the Liberal government. In particular, provinces have had to send their own security officials to airports in order to enforce the screening and quarantines the federal government (falsely) claimed were taking place.

Canada’s Coronavirus response would have been far worse if not for the strong leadership of Premiers – of all political stripes – who have filled the vacuum of federal government failure.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Django Foo

Please Mr. PM stay home, stay in and stay quiet!


Scott Moe is questioning why Trudeau keeps bringing this up. Was he born yesterday? It’s because Trudeau is salivating at the thought of having dictatorial powers. The so called “Emergency Act is essentially martial law, giving the police and federal government sweeping powers. Not just no, but hell no to that! I have been quite impressed with our NDP premier. He hasnt abused his power as some politicians have. Liquor stores, pet stores appliance shops and a handful of others are open with reduced hours and only two customers allowed in the stores at the same time. Curb side delivery… Read more »

Moe S.

Trudeau is determined he be allowed to indulge his totalitarian fantasy with impunity granting him unlimited power over 37 million Canadians. The mere thought should scare the hell out of people.


Mr dress up cannot be trusted with any more power then he already has he would see every man woman and child sick with this virus . He or any of his cabinet don’t have the brain power of a toadstool

David MacKAY

Disturbing incompetence is typical of Chronic Marijuana use. Read the book. ““Tell Your Children The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence,” Available on Amazon


Some more so than others.


Whew! We dodged a bullet on this one. THANK YOU for not giving Trudeau and his cohorts more power as we all know it would prove to be devastating for Canada. Look at the hot mess we’re in already. He’s all about power grabs and self glorification. The premiers are far better at taking care of Canada than is Trudeau. Never give this man more power. We’d be sunk for certain.