Biased CBC Headline Targets Scheer, Ignores Trudeau’s Hypocritical Travel

The CBC never misses a chance to show that they are biased against millions of Canadians, rather than truly representing our entire country.

Just days after CBC exposed their immense anti-Conservative bias against Conservatives when Rosemary Barton cut away just as Pierre Poilievre was asking Trudeau a question about early government Coronavirus warnings that were ignored, there’s yet another ugly example of that bias.

This time, it’s a CBC headline that manages to single out and target Andrew Scheer, despite being horribly off-context.

Here’s the headline:

“Scheer and family joined other MPs on packed flight to Ottawa, ignoring social distancing rules

The context of course is far different. Elizabeth May was also on the plane. Liberal cabinet minister Carla Qualtrough was also on the plane.

The headline mentions none of that.

The headline also fails to mention that the flight was in fact chartered by the federal government itself.

Finally, the headline is clearly an attempt to distract from the real hypocrisy here. After all, Scheer was travelling for his job – a vote on the essential emergency financial support legislation in Parliament. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau acted in very hypocritical fashion, by telling Canadians not to travel to see family over the Easter weekend, and then doing exactly that, travelling to visit his family at Harrington Lake.

As noted by Anthony Furey, not only was Trudeau’s trip hypocritical, it may have technically illegal:

“To clear up any confusion, not only did Trudeau’s Harrington Lake visit clearly break the spirit of the rules around cottage visits, it actually broke the law – Quebec’s newly passed ministerial order 2020-13 banning access to the Outaouais region, to be precise.”

Of course, CBC was desperate to distract from Trudeau’s hypocrisy, so they attacked Scheer instead, hoping to distract attention.

This shows us yet again that the support Trudeau has is largely based on propaganda lies, with an entire corrupt media machine dedicated to demonizing his opponents and distracting from his lies, incompetence, and hypocrisy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube