Any ‘Canadian’ Politician Who Opposes Reducing Our Reliance On China Is Effectively An Agent Of The CCP

That is the only conclusion we can reach at this point, after all we have seen.

We are soon going to see who is loyal to Canadians, and who is loyal to the CCP.

The CCP Coronavirus Crisis has exposed beyond all doubt that it is basically criminal, and nigh-treasonous for our country to be reliant on a foreign power for basic necessities.

We are in the horrendous situation of being reliant on China for the personal protective equipment we need, during a crisis that was itself caused by China.

Going forward, that must never happen again.

As Doug Ford said – showing great leadership – Canada must never be reliant on anyone else for the things we need.

And that’s where the question of loyalty comes into play.

It is beyond obvious that Canada must reduce our reliance on China.

We can all see this.

As a result, any ‘Canadian’ politician who – after all of this human suffering and economic damage – still pushes for closer economic ties with China will be clearly announcing their disloyalty to the Canadian People, and their subservience to the Chinese Communist Party.

Every politician will need to stand up and make their position clear. And those who fail to stand for Canada, and who instead stand with the CCP, are betraying our nation and must be removed from office.

We know that all true, loyal, common-sense Canadians understand this.

Spencer Fernando