If The Liberal Government Wants To Fight Coronavirus Misinformation, They Can Start By Arresting Themselves

The most dangerous misinformation came from the government itself, costing the lives of many Canadians and allowing the infection to enter and spread within our nation.

Unsurprisingly, the Trudeau Liberal government is making another power-grab amid the CCP Coronavirus Crisis.

The Liberal government says they are ‘considering’ legislation to silence what they call ‘Coronavirus misinformation.’

Of course, it’s nothing more than an attempt to silence their legitimate critics, many of whom (including yours truly) who were right early on while the government was wrong.

Now, at this moment, you may be thinking that the real source of Coronavirus misinformation was the federal government itself.

And you are 100% right.

The Liberal government repeatedly told Canadians the “risk was low,” claimed Canada “was prepared,” and that the borders “couldn’t be closed.”

All of that was false.

And since this is an epidemic that spreads exponentially, every missed day is disastrous. This government didn’t only miss days, they missed weeks and even months.

Weeks and weeks after arguing against border closures, the government then reversed themselves, with Trudeau saying border closures “would save lives.”

Theresa Tam repeatedly changed her advice, arguing against masks, then for masks – coincidentally at the exact moment the WHO also reversed themselves.

In short, as you’ve seen and heard throughout, the ‘Coronavirus misinformation’ has come from the Liberal federal government.

So, if they want to fight that disinformation, they can start by applying legal punishment against themselves, arrest themselves, and refrain from spreading lies any further.

Of course, we know that won’t happen.

The Liberals don’t apply their own rules to themselves, they apply them to the rest of us, treating us as servants of the government, rather than recognizing that government is supposed to serve the People.

As a result, the government will keep lying and endangering Canadians, while using their ongoing failures as the pretext to seize even more unearned power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube