INCOMPETENCE: Liberal Government Threw Away 2 MILLION N95 Masks Last Year, Failed To Replenish Stockpile

The latest in what has been a debacle in terms of preparedness and response.

As the Liberal government faces mounting criticism for their ‘response’ to the CCP Coronavirus Crisis, there is more evidence of their shambolic response, and absurdly incompetent ‘preparation.’

Remember, the Liberal government repeatedly claimed the “risk was low,” while also saying Canada’s system was “fully prepared.”

Of course, fully prepared means we have everything we need, and don’t need to engage in any panic buying to stem huge shortages. It also means we shut down the borders early, to protect the Canadian People.

None of that happened.

In fact, the opposite happened.

The government allowed people to fly into our nation from infected regions in China, spreading the virus within our nation.

Then, the “fully prepared” stockpile was revealed to be nearly empty, meaning we are now in the dangerous, sad, and truly pathetic position of being reliant upon Communist China for the equipment our medical professionals need.

And now, it’s been revealed that the Liberal government destroyed a whopping 2 MILLION N95 masks just a year ago.

The masks had been purchased in 2009 by the Conservative government as part of the national stockpile located in Saskatchewan.

The masks had expired in 2014, yet the Liberal government failed to replace them.

Not only did they fail to replace them, but they shut down the stockpile location entirely.

Again, this must be emphasized:

Instead of replenishing the stockpile, they threw the supplies out, failed to replenish it, and then shut down the entire stockpile warehouse.

And then, that same government, with the virus spreading like wildfire in China, said we were prepared.

Clearly, that was a lie.

This has been the story the entire time.

The government at the federal level has been late, incompetent, dishonest, and downright negligent, and that doesn’t even begin to cover their insane devotion to the CCP-controlled & discredited WHO, rather than looking at examples like Taiwan who actually protected their people.

I say it often, and it’s fitting here:

What a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube