Liberal Government Gave $41 MILLION Of Your Taxpayer Dollars In Foreign Aid To China

Blacklocks Reporter article indicates the Trudeau government continues to suck up to the Communist State.

According to a story by Blacklock’s Reporter (paywalled), the Trudeau government gave $41 MILLION of your taxpayer dollars to Communist China.

“No thank YOU: Canada gives $41M in foreign aid to China incl. direct grants from @envrionmentca”

“Canadian foreign aid to China totaled $41 million last year, according to newly-released data from the Department of Foreign Affairs. China has a $13 trillion economy and $10 billion space program: “A deepened and broadened relationship with China is a priority.”

Now, as you read those words, you may be thinking, “why the hell are we giving our money to China?”

And of course, it makes absolutely no sense.

The Canadian People need our money kept here in Canada. Giving to China, a nation with a huge economy and values that are totally at odds with our own, is insanity.

It once again raises the serious and disturbing concerns about why the Trudeau Liberal government is so weak towards China, and why they seem so intent on giving in to China, rather than defending Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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AND our Canadian debt is also now being used to build two new factories in China and of course in cahoots with China, so more jobs gone that could be ours here, to make medical products for Canada? This Trudeau LIEberal puppet government is destroying Canada as predicted.


Trudeau is a great admirer of the Chinese and dictatorships in general. This being the case, I’m surprised it isn’t more. Let’s not forget that he can’t give more to our veterans because they ask for too much. He’s a traitor to the core.


Hmmm, so Trudeau, not surprisingly, is doing what he can to suck up to China – giving a paltry 41 million in aid to one of the world’s biggest powers – a dangerous dictatorship.
If giving aid is what Trudeau thinks is a good way of sucking up to a superpower, my suggestion is that he give aid to the US. After all, I believe he asked Trump to intercede for the release of Canadians imprisoned in China.

Eric Blair

And how much of that funding goes right back to Trudeau’s Foundation?? Half?