There Are Disturbing Parallels Between China & 1930’s Germany

Democratic nations must wake up to the threat before it is too late.

The Chinese Communist Party is increasingly moving China in a dangerous direction, with the number of parallels to Germany in the 1930’s adding up.

The country is already engaged in a massive military buildup, is throwing minorities into concentration camps, and is imposing mass surveillance backed up by a ruthless authoritarian enforcement division within the country.

Additionally, and to an extent not ever shared by the establishment press, China is a nation explicitly focused on race.

The country has a racial hierarchy, with Chinese placed at the top, and minority groups placed at the bottom. Only ethnically Chinese people can become citizens of the state.

And now, there are pogroms being launched against Africans in China, as the regime tries shifting the blame for the CCP Coronavirus yet again.

China is evicting Africans, falsely claiming they are spreading the virus, despite the fact that the virus originated in China and spread because of the lies of the CCP & the corruption of the WHO.

Now, many African countries – who had previously refrained from criticizing China – are speaking out, slamming the surge of racism in the Communist State.

Combined with China’s ruthless racial hierarchy, and the fact that there are already concentration camps active in the country, and the parallels between the CCP and Germany in the 1930’s are adding up.

This is why the Western world must realize that we are in a new war, a cold war, but this time with a state that is a combination of both Fascist Germany & the Soviet Union.

Whether or not China becomes even more ruthless, and goes even further towards genocide and war will depend in large part on the resolve and strength shown by Western nations.

If the West gets tough, decouples from China, builds up our own manufacturing and military production, and calls out China’s horrific crimes, then it is far more likely that influential people within the CCP will seek to shift in a more reasonable direction. But if the CCP only senses weakness, there will be no limits to how far they go.

And has history shows, the damage and destruction could be far worse than anything imaginable.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I agree with this. China, Russia, North Korea, etc. have been building and testing nuclear etc. missiles that fly low and can turn and go 4+ times the speed of sound, new submarines and detector jets for submarines etc. but all their military might is very advanced now. We must get ready, forget the CCP virus as our bought out media is only spreading fear and is keeping us all hiding in our homes and the country going bankrupt and helpless without businesses or jobs and soon to be hungry and without money to recuperate. Yes the CCP virus is… Read more »


Yes Spencer-Fernando you are right.Chinese government took a page out of Hitler’s book.Hitler could not pay war reparations so he asked the Allied Nations if he can pay war reparations in manufactured products,and the Allied countries agreed.He knew that now he is forced to build manufacturing industries and the country will become industrially strong.That is exactly what Chinese government did.The stupid west transferred all their industries to China and China made huge money by selling cheap products to the west.China became industrially power house and God knows what is going to happen in the future.The west knew the history,but ignored… Read more »


but they turned their economy around on a dime so that should balance things out. And don’t forget, they annihilated their organ shortage, that’s good, right?